Weekly Update Issue #2

I earn bad mommy of the year award on this one. I was heading out with Cooper this past Wednesday morning for a women’s bible study. Chris was going to work from home while the girls napped. I poured coffee into my travel mug and sat it on the floor while I put Cooper’s sandals on. Cooper got up abruptly and swung his arm and knocked down my coffee mug. The coffee mug was half way open and the HOT HOT coffee poured out and all over Cooper’s outer thigh and knee. I took him into the kitchen and put ice on it (big no no, but I did not know any better. You are suppose to put cold running water on it). Then I called for Chris’s help. I called Cooper’s doctor office and they told me to take him to the emergence room. Chris took him and they said he had second and first degree burns. We have to put antibiotic cream on it and wrap it with an ace bandage. Poor Baby. The first 2-3 days he did not play much. I think it was hurting him too much and he just laid around and watch TV and pushed cars quietly on the floor. He frequently told, “leg hurts”. I will never put the coffee mug on the floor ever again.

(The video is of all 3 kids, but you can see Cooper’s ace bandaged leg where he burned himself in this video so I thought I would share it with y’all)

Molly (and Anna) are both very shy around people other than Chris and I. They get very fussy and start to cry frequently with other people. However, Molly has a new best friend. Our friends Brandi and James came over this past weekend with their daughter Kyla. James held Molly for a LONG time and never once did she fuss. She LOVED him!! He was holding her up in the air like an airplane and sitting with her on the couch watching football. It was so cute to see her so content in his arms. Here is a picture of Molly with her new friend James.
She gets spit up of the week award. I swear that last week I must have changed her outfit at least 3-4 times a day. I never know when she is going to spit up either. So half the time, I have to end up changing my clothing as well. I wonder when she is going to out grow spitting up?

Chris, Anna, & Cooper on Saturday Morning

Chris, Anna, & Cooper on Saturday Morning

7 Comments on “Weekly Update Issue #2”

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh, poor Cooper. Kids are so resilient. He won’t remember this and you learned a lesson. Love’s still there. <3

  2. Annie says:

    Aww, poor mama & Cooper!! Huge hugs.

    Loved the video, the girls are so big! 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    I am just catching up here after a week of having company (T’s parents). Fantastic updates and pictures! I loved getting a glimpse of the kid’s play room, which is obviously getting a LOT of use! 🙂 It was a good thing you had the practical idea of using the space for that purpose, rather than a dining room, when you first moved into your house last year!

    Poor, poor Cooper…and YOU too! Seeing your little one get burned must be awful. Lee got a couple of tiny blisters on his hand recently from touching the stove when it was still hot, and even that was traumatic to me! But THINGS HAPPEN, so you’re not a bad mom, Susanne! There is no way you can anticipate and prevent EVERY possible injury. The Lord is protecting our families all the time!

    It was fun to see a picture of Chris with the kids! You two have made an awesome family! 🙂

  4. Jayme says:

    You guys make having 3 under 2 look easy!! Everybody looks so happy and content!! Cant wait to see you all!

  5. Aunt Val says:

    Susie Q, you are not a bad mom. I don’t think you realize how many moms have done something unintentional that their child has been hurt in some way. I could tell you many stories from many moms that things have happened. And it’s always a lesson learned. As much as we never want our children to get hurt, it happens. I love seeing the pics and video. Your family is beautiful, just like you. Sending you lots of hugs, enough to share. xoxo

  6. Jayme says:

    PS Cooper is looking more and more like Chris each day!! Holy Cow!!

  7. Jo says:

    Did I ever tell you about the times (plural) I’ve banged Drew into the wall because I didn’t allow enough room when I turned around? And he tells me “you hit me mom”.

    Good thing they don’t remember what happens at 2!