The Weekly Update (Issue #3)… Better Late Then Never

I know that I am late getting this out. I was suppose to post it on Sunday and here is it is Tuesday.

Well, his leg is healing. But, it started to get very red and have some blisters. My awesome Mother-in-Law took Cooper to the doctors for me so we could make sure it was okay. The doctor prescribed a new ointment and an oral antibiotic. We are waiting on the oral antibiotic for 48 hours. If it does not show signs of improvement in 48 hours, we are to start the oral antibiotic.

Cooper has a blast at his friend’s Christian’s birthday party. We pumped him up about going to the birthday party for a few days. He kept talking about going to “Christian’s party” and “happy be-chew (birthday to you)”.  Once we got there, we hardly saw any of Cooper. He was in heaven playing with all of Christian’s toys, which were mostly cars. Do I need to say more? haha. He love eating the cupcake too! However, he was disappointed that there was no ice cream. Cooper watched his first birthday video leading up to the party and he saw himself eating ice cream. I think he expected that all birthday parties had ice cream. He has been talking about “Christian’s party” now for a few days. So glad he has so much fun! Here is a picture of him with some of the kids from the party. DSC_0535
Molly & Anna May

They might be on the path to cutting teeth. They are biting everything and droll city. I just hope that they are not as bad of teethers as Cooper was. Oh Cooper was miserable when he would cut teeth and he did not sleep well either. I saw Anna roll over from belly to back for the first time this week. She has done it before, but I have never witnesses it myself. Molly can roll in all directions, but Anna is still trying to master that skill.  Anna’s new found skill is blowing raspberries. She does it ALL THE TIME. It is really so cute.

The girls also were great this weekend. We took them to Christian’s birthday party and to church on Sunday. That was two huge disruptions to their schedule. They did great. They were not too fussy at the party at all. The girls even went down for bedtime at Mimi and Papa’s house while Chris and I went out to dinner for my birthday. We picked the girls up later that night and bought them home with us, but they did great. It is so nice to know they are becoming a little more flexible now that they are older (5 months).