Golden Boobie Award Goes To…


I have breastfeed the twins for 11 months. And when I say I have breastfeed the girls for 11 months, I mean it. They hardly had any supplementation from formula (less than one cans worth in 11 months). There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel and just be done with breastfeeding, but I persevered and here we are- 11 months later.

I think one of the driving forces that kept me breastfeeding for as long as I did was the convenience factor. I did not have to prep, make, and wash bottles. I did not have to mix and warm formula. I did not have to worry about holding two bottles for two different babies at the same time. Have you tired to feed two infants bottles at the same time? I don’t find it easy. I know a lot of twin and triplet moms feed their kids bottles at the same time, but I just could not get that skill down. The milk ended up spilling all over them. One of the girls would scream while I tired to get the other one feed. It was a disaster. So breastfeeding was just simpler. I used a twin nursing pillow. Put them on the pillow and feed them at the same time- about 10-15 minutes later they were done. No mess, No prep, No clean up…Just done 🙂

But here is the catch… I did not do bottles very often. Anna gets a bottle every night before she goes to bed with daddy while I breast feed Molly. I did this because I don’t have enough milk to satisfy them both at that feeding. Now, Molly refuses a bottle all together. My mother-in-law has watched the girls a few times recently for me and Molly refuses her bedtime bottle and just went to sleep without that feeding. I tired last night and she did the same for me, even after 5 different bottles/ sippy cups. AHHHHH!!!!

I wanted to start the process of weaning the girls because they are going to be one in a month. But at this rate, I might be breastfeeding until they are they are 18. Okay, not that long, but I am so scared that they are never going to wean.

So if there are any moms out there who had kids who gave them trouble weaning and taking a bottle or sippy cup, please share your advice. I am glad I made it this far with breastfeeding, but I am ready to be done.

5 Comments on “Golden Boobie Award Goes To…”

  1. Angie says:

    Girl, you DO deserve an award!!! I am so proud of you for breastfeeding those girls for this long.

    As far as weaning troubles go, I struggled with Lee (didn’t get him weaned until he was 18 months old). I was able to cut out all but one of the nursing sessions, but the bedtime one was the hardest. When we skipped it, Lee would wake up around 2 AM. So, I established a little routine of sitting on the couch and eating a banana together at 2 AM! I have such sweet memories of those brief times together; they lasted for a couple of weeks, and finally Lee began sleeping through the night.

  2. Anne says:

    C was never into bottles, & she transitioned to whole milk just fine. She just stopped getting that “before bed” milk. Will she drink from a sippy at all? I ended up stopping because I was on a med for pneumonia that couldn’t be in BM (otherwise we’d probably still be into it!) she LOOOOVED nursing, but she actually stopped very easily. Daddy did bedtime routine for a few days, then we are done!

    Congrats on bfing for so long! You’re my hero!!

  3. Katherine says:

    Congratulations!!! Some moms can’t get that far one kid, let alone two!!

  4. Aunt Val says:

    I agree…. congratulations on that feat!! I’m still trying to get past the fact that they’ll be a year old next month! Just relax sweetie. If she is hungry enough she will take a bottle. And I’m thinking she sure isn’t going to starve. 😉 Nursing is probably more of a comfort to her at that feeding than a need to eat. If it still worries you, maybe Chris could try giving them both a bottle at the same time and with her seeing Anna peacefully taking the bottle, she may do it, too. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!! xoxox

  5. Susanne says:

    Thanks for all the support and ideas. Molly will drink out a straw cup if it is water, but not if it is milk. I am just praying that something will click! I am going to try out the suggestions you all recommended.