So Much For Weekly Updates

I give up…I just cannot get my act together to post every week. There will be weeks were I might be able to get 3 posts up in a week and then things get crazy and it could be a month until next post. So I am just going to give up the weekly updates.

Cooper (25 Months Old)
He is talking so much. He talks in sentences and he says words I did not even know he knew. We recently took him to the doctors and the doctor told me that Cooper’s language skills are that of a 3.5 year old. The doctor joked with me and said, “Cooper looks like a three year-old, is potty trained like a three year old, and understand and communicates like a three year old. Are you sure he is 2?” Cooper is by far taller than all this little friends that are around the same age as him.
Height: 36.5” (90%ile)
Weight: 32lbs (86%ile)

Anna May (One week shy of 7 months)
She finally learned to sleep unswaddled and without a pacifier right before she turned 6 months old. She got a cold and could not breath with the paci in her mouth so we finally just took it away.  That night was horrible, but after 2 hours of crying, she finally fell asleep and no paci since then. This is a huge relief for me to have her not dependent on swaddling and her pacifier. She sleeps through most naps and sleeps at least 11 hours at night without waking for her paci or from coming unswaddled now. She is rolling in all directions. Can sit up on the floor on her own for a few seconds, longer if supported with a boppy pillow- actually for 30 minutes at a time. She has the greatest chuckle/ laugh. She goes nuts in her jumperoo and can jump and jump and jump. She makes me tired watching her go. She is a cuddle bug at night when I am putting her down for the night, loves to be snuggled against Chris or my chest. I am trying to soak up the moments when she will still let me snuggle her because before I know it, she is not going to want to snuggle like that. She is just such a happy baby and I love her, the little person she is becoming!
Height: 26.7” (72%ile)
Weight: 14lbs (8%ile)

Molly (One week shy of 7 months)
She is a hute. Her personality has sort of changed in the past month. She use to be my happy baby, but recently she seems to me more touchy or serious. I don’t know if it is a phase or if she stay this way. She always seems to be deep in thought or studying someone or something very hard. She has a sweet smile and she smiles and then quickly turns her head away in a very bashful way. She wants to sit on her own and play with toys most of her awake time now. She just cannot quiet support herself while she is sitting so I have to proper up with a boppy pillow too. She is almost crawling. She uses her arms and sort of pulls herself towards the toys she wants. She does not actually use her legs, but she is almost at the point where she might army crawl if you ask me. She is my champion sleeper. She can sleep 13 hours at night if I would let her. She takes two solid naps as well. I guess she just burns a lot of energy trying to sit and scoot and needs that amount of sleep.
Height: 26.3” (56%ile)
Weight: 14lbs 4oz (11%ile)

Molly, Cooper, Anna May

Molly, Cooper, Anna May

2 Comments on “So Much For Weekly Updates”

  1. Angie says:

    I know what you mean about trying to do regular posts! But you are better than I am about posting with some kind of regularity. Thanks for this wonderful update. The girls (and of course Cooper!) just keep getting cuter and cuter!!! They look like identical twins, even though I know they are fraternal. Just look at your precious family, Susanne! You have a right to be PROUD!!!

    Will is over 14 pounds already, at 12 weeks! I know you were used to bigger babies with Cooper, too, so it must feel strange to have smaller ones. It seems more fitting, though, for girls to be more petite!

    I would love to get together online sometime and let Cooper and Lee talk to each other! It would probably be hilarious! 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Andrea Lautzenheiser says:

    oh my!! so adorable. . I would like cooper’s tan please 🙂