ECing, Elimination Communication, Infant Potty Training the Twins

Okay, you might think I am nuts, but I started doing infant potty training with the girls, also known as elimination communication/ec. I did this with Cooper at 5/6 months old. He started pooping on the potty at 6 months and I rarely changed a poopy diaper after that! It was fantastic. It has also make potty training Cooper fully now at 2 incredibly easy because he is already familiar with the potty and poop trained. In fact, he has been waking up from his naps dry and some morning dry! Wow, you cannot beat that.

So I am tired of changing poopy diapers so I thought I would give it a try with the girls (5.5 months old). I am putting them on the potty after I feed them and after nap right now. I say “psssss” an sign potty to cue them to go potty. I have read the more frequent times that babies tent to pee/ poop is after naps and after eating, which is why I have chosen these times to take them to the potty. Well, after a week of trying. The girls have been peeing on the potty pretty frequently after naps and after eating. And this morning was the first time Molly actually pooped in the potty! Horray! I am so stinken excited. I could careless if they pee on the potty, I am more concerned with teaching them to poop in the potty. I hope it happens again!

It is so funny what makes a mommy happy. But not changing poopy diapers is one of them. Especially since I am part time cloth diapering and I hate to clean/ change poopy cloth diapers.

2 Comments on “ECing, Elimination Communication, Infant Potty Training the Twins”

  1. Kellie Anderson-Sibley says:

    Ha ha.. funny Susanne! You have me laughing out loud! I’m so glad Molly performed for you! 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    This is the best (mommy-) post EVER!!! 😀 YAY for infant potty training; I can’t wait to do it again with Will, and as usual, I get inspiration from you.

    Good point about the cloth diapering being motivation to potty train sooner. I think that is one reason women used to potty train their babies MUCH earlier than women do nowadays!