I am breastfeeding the twins, which has been going fairly well. I will admit it is a lot harder to breastfeed two babies at the same time rather than just one. I tried nursing one baby at a time, but that did not work out that well. I found that once I was done feeding them I did not have a lot of time left to myself and that also meant less time with Cooper. So I am tandem feeding (feeding them at the same time). I also worried that I would not produce enough milk to feed two babies. That is not the case!!! I am making more than plenty, which actually leads to the title of this post- fever. Because I am making too much milk, I have developed a fever twice now, 101 and higher, due to an over production of milk. It sucks! It makes me feel achy all over, chills, sweats, and headache.

Please pray that I am able to get over my current infection and fever.

Thought I would also include another picture of the girls until we finally get an album of pictures up and running. They are one week old here.

12 Comments on “Fever”

  1. Jo says:

    They are so cute! Oh, I wish I could hold them!

  2. Aubrey says:

    Beautiful! I cannot believe you have 2!!! baby girls! Amazing. I hope you feel better soon. Will be praying for a speedy recovery.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh my gosh!! They are adorable 🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    Susanne they are beautiful! Praying your fever goes away and for a quick recovery from the c-section. Sending love and best wishes to your family.

  5. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh!! They are adorable 🙂

  6. Aunt Val says:

    Such beautiful little angels!! I’m sorry you aren’t up to par. Is it mastitits? If so I hope your doctor gave you an antibiotic (that won’t hurt the babies). Feel better soon sweetheart! Praying for a quick recovery and remember to get your rest when you can. xoxo

  7. Jill says:

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Susanne, and hope this passes soon. Molly and Anna May could not be more adorable…I want to see them in person so badly. Cooper looks like the perfect big brother, as well. I haven’t called b/c you never know if someone’s trying to sneak in a nap! Hope to talk to you soon! My love to everyone….Jill

  8. Lisa says:

    Praying hard for the fever to pass. God has blessed you with two beautiful girls! Your cup overfloweth…and your cups! Ha!

  9. Doug says:

    Wow Chris and Susanne. What an awesome family. I can’t imagine how busy you must be, exhausted but exhilarated. Are you ready for the beach or just a long night’s sleep ?? Coop must be a proud big brother. I miss you guys. Doug

  10. Michelle says:

    Beautiful! I cannot believe you have 2!!! baby girls! Amazing. I hope you feel better soon. Will be praying for a speedy recovery.

  11. Angie says:

    OH MY GOODNESS SUSANNE!!! The girls are so adorable I am drooling. WHY are we in MD and you in TX (well, I’m so glad you are there, where some family support is available during this time). All of us were talking about you in the study group this morning. We were talking about how amazing you are, a mother to three children, 18 months and under. We all miss you so much and wish we could see you and the twins. We signed a card for you to go with the package we are mailing, I think Andrea or Jo will be sending it in the next few days.

    I am so, so sorry to hear about the fever and infection! I can’t imagine what you are going through, dealing with that, plus newborn twins, plus recovery from the c-section, caring for a toddler, etc… You mentioned only Chris being there with you at this time, and I hope your mom or someone else can also come and help soon. I wish I could! You definitely can not get through this by your own might or power, only by His Spirit. May the joy of the Lord be your strength, and may he touch your body and bring relief and healing soon. Love you so much!!!

  12. Jayme says:

    I miss all of you!! Wishing I was back in Texas with all of you!! Hope that Aunt Lizzie is having a ball!! Hugs and kisses from Aunt Jayme!