And then there were 5

Ahhh (Calmly said), the family of 5! No, more like AHHHHH (screaming), the family of 5!!!!
Yes we are surviving, but I must say that to jump from a family of 3 to a family of 5 is quite the challenge. I will do my best to fill you all in, but I may have to go if one of the girls starts to fuss or wakes up, or better yet, if Cooper wakes up early from his nap.

I am still breastfeeding the girls. That has been a real challenge. I am using a special pillow designed to help twin mother’s breastfeed, but still it is quite the challenge. The girls spit up a lot and I never know when I am going to get soaked by one if their projectile spit-ups. Sigh! They are growing a ton. Molly is still larger than Anna and both girls are finally out of their preemie clothes and wearing newborn clothing. They have lost most of the hair on top of their heads, but it looks like it might be growing back finally. They sleep pretty well at night. They go to bed around 9pm and sleep until 2/3am. Then they wake up between 6-7am. So there is really only one middle of the night feeding, which is not that bad if you ask me.  Some nights are better than others, but for the most part that is not bad for almost 6 week old babies.

Outings: Well, we made it out of the house on Mother’s Day with all three kids. We went to the Zoo. It was a lot of fun. Cooper loved it and the girls napped in their strollers. We also made it over to my in-law’s house for dinner one night and that went pretty well too. Then finally this week, I took all three kids to the library so Cooper could go to Toddler Story time. Everything went well and Cooper had a great time.

I think the hard part is that I feel like I have not bonded with the girls. Cooper demands so much attention and you really cannot ignore him so I have to pay him more attention. So I feel like I never really spend any time with my girls unless it is to breastfeed or diaper change them. I do get some on-one-one time with each of the girls, but it is limited. When Cooper was an infant I had all the time in the world to just soak him up. I guess with your first you have that luxurie!
Cooper keeps getting cuter and cuter each day. I find that he says a new word all the time now. He is also very obedient and I am so grateful that he is such a good listener! For example, when we went to the library the other day, I told him to hold onto the stroller and to not let go as we walked from the parking lot into the library. He held onto the stroller and never once let go. Such a good boy! He loves playing outside and now that the weather is warm, well hot, he is outside a lot in the evenings. He loves to follow the other kids around that live on our street.

Here are some pictures of the kids. Enjoy! DSC_0175


Anna 4 Weeks Old

Molly 4 Weeks Old

Anna 4 weeks old

Anna 4 weeks old

Cooper 19 Months

Cooper 19 Months

Mommy with her 3 day old twin girls!

Mommy with her 3 day old twin girls!

5 Comments on “And then there were 5”

  1. Aunt Val says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are doing well! It’s still hard for me to fathom you are a mom of three! The pics are fantastic, the kids are gorgeous, can’t wait to see more! Love you, xoxo’s to all five of you!

  2. Sarah says:

    You 2 sure have your hands full… wonderful!! We are so very happy for you =)Would love to be able to meet them one day!!!! Lots of love! Sarah and Joe

  3. Angie says:

    Susanne, you look great and the girls are absolutely precious!!! Thanks SO much for the update and pictures. WOW! Cooper is so adorable as well; I love seeing that grin on his face, in the picture of him surrounded by cars and trucks.

    Yes, “soaking up” the first baby, with no other responsibilities, was a luxury, wasn’t it?! I have been thinking the same thing even about pregnancy; I don’t feel that I’ve been able to give nearly as much thought to this second one as the first. But you are such a capable person, and I know in time you will be able to feel that bond with the twins. I’ll pray to that end!

    I have been wondering if you’ve had any help with meals or around the house, from church or family? I hope so! You sound amazing! I sure do miss you – we all do up here in MD!

  4. Annie says:

    What beatiful babies! I completely agree with bonding with the second. It is a challenge that gets easier. As Cooper and the girls get older you will be able to have more alone time with each. Also, from a second child’s perspective. I never felt slighted or less loved than Megan. You gave Cooper and the girls the best gift you can give other than unconditional love, you gave them a sibling/best friend.

  5. Jill says:

    Ridiculously cute….all 3 of them! Thanks for sharing – I don’t know how you possibly have time to update your blog but I sure am glad you did. You didn’t mention anything about the fevers so I’m hoping that phase is over for you. One of these days we’ll get in sinc with the calls and finally get to chat – after surgery for sure. Sending lots of love and prayers your way…miss you guys!