One Nap or Two?

So Cooper turned one a little over a week ago. It also seems that with the entry into toddler hood, also came the napping problem- one nap or two? Haha, sound like I am having tea, “one lump or two?” Anyways, Cooper is having trouble taking two naps, they seem to be too much for him, but one nap is still a stretch. I use to freak out when we had trouble with naps, but I am starting to relax and Cooper is becoming more flexible, thank God! He is awake for 3 hours in the morning and needs a nap. But come afternoon, he is awake for 4 hours before a nap. Making for a very late afternoon nap and an even later bedtime (not good!). So for all you mamas out there, how did you make the transition from one nap to two?

Just woke up from his nap

Just woke up from his nap

3 Comments on “One Nap or Two?”

  1. Jayme says:

    Gosh he is just the cutest…very mischievous smile Coops and I love the two finger suck is that your interpretation of Dr. Evil!! Love you guys and miss you tons!!

  2. Kellie Anderson-Sibley says:

    He is so stinkin cute! And I think you are a super mom!

  3. Devin says:

    Anne Marie just kind of naturally switched over to one longer nap in the mid day. She’d been staying up longer, and so I guess I just kind of helped her stay awake longer in the evenings till it was bedtime.