Stackable Washer and Drier

I hate to do laundry! We have a small stackable washer and drier that is in our kitchen. Yeah I know, weird spot for a laundry machine. Having a stackable washer and drier is really inconvenient because of many reasons:

1. you can only wash a few pieces of clothing at one time which creates many unnecessary loads

2. our unit is old and the drier stinks. It take two cycles sometimes three cycles to get all of our cloths dry. It really eats at our electricity bill

3. it is in the kitchen- really the kitchen? Who ever thought that would be a good place for the washer and drier was nuts!

4. the buzzer is loud- it use to wake Cooper up all the time. I have learned to do laundry when Cooper is awake or it is nighttime when he is in deep sleep. This makes doing laundry even more inconvenient.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS….I am getting a new washer and drier in a month when I move to my new home! Yippy!!! Here is the the model that I am looking at. What do you all think? Any advise you would like to pass on about buying a new washer or drier?

One Comment on “Stackable Washer and Drier”

  1. Aubrey says:

    Well I tried to find reviews on it…because that’s what I do.. 🙂

    I found only one site that had 11 reviews and the total number of starts was 4.5 so that’s pretty good. One person said the spin cycle is so awesome that your clothes are practically dry when you take them out and it has cut their drying time in 1/2.

    I’m not sure about where you are moving, but I know where we live now with the humidity it is nearly impossible for our clothes not to shrink in the dryer and so we have to hang them up to dry.