I hate snot and buggies! EWW!! Unfortunately as a mom I guess I am going to have to get use to wiping away these wonderful beauties. When Cooper woke up this morning, his entire left nostril was caked over and closed up with snot. I had the privilege of peeling away the sludge so my poor little boy could breath. After I finished opening his airway, he sneezed. Yep you guessed it, and he blew a huge wet one right on my shirt. I started to nurse him, but he was having a lot of trouble breathing so I thought it was best to get the snot sucker out. So I put some saline solution up his nose and proceeded to suck a ton of yellow snot from his nose. He hates it when I suck the snot out of his nose- you could probably hear his screams two zip codes away. Then of course, later in the day he just has snot running down his nose, which I must wipe unless he wants it ending up all over him.

I cannot wait until Cooper is old enough where I can hand him a tissue and say, “blow your nose!”