Here We Go Again

Cooper’s sleep has been rather poor for about the last 2 weeks. He keeps waking up at the 45 minute mark for his naps and fussing/ crying. Sometimes he falls back to sleep and other days the nap is just over because he refuses to go back to sleep. He was sleeping for 12 hour at night, but recently he has been waking up after sleeping 9-10 hours of sleep. He will cry maybe fall back to sleep, but most of the time he is pretty much up.
I know that the wonder week book mentioned that between week 29-30 (which Cooper is in) that babies may experience some separation anxiety and may be fussy and have sleep disturbances. Is that what is causing all of this?

Then it makes me question if he is getting enough to eat and drink. I am breast feeding him still. I must say that breast feeding has become my greatest challenge lately. I have really wanted to throw in the towel and give up lately. I know that breast milk is what is best for Cooper, but it has become extremely difficult. He is highly distracted during nursingĀ  and often it is very difficult to keep him focused enough to finish a feeding. I am nursing him 4 times a day and I pump the 5 feeding to keep my milk supply up and running. Am I making enough milk? Sigh… Any other mom’s out there feeling frustrated about breast feeding too? I could really use some encouragement!

I was talking to my friend Aubrey (whom I meet through our blogs). She has a son who is a little older than Cooper. She suggested trying to get Cooper to bed at night a little earlier. I did that two nights ago and he slept 12 hours strait and his naps were good yesterday, 1 hour and 45 minutes a piece. So I put him to bed a little earlier last night too…but that did not seem to work. He woke up at 4:45am cried, fell back to sleep, woke up at 6:00am cried and never went back to sleep. Sigh!! Why does sleep have to be so complicated? My son is like a wave, he sleeps well for a while and then he doesn’t.

So is this a wonder week phenomenome? Is he waking because he’s not getting enough to eat? Do I have milk supply issues? Is he in a growth spurt? Is he over tired and that is why he cannot sleep? Is he getting too much sleep? Is he not getting enough sleep? Do I need to adjust his schedule? I feel like a crazy woman…I have all these questions floating around in my mind and I wish that I knew the answers.

Jo, I think I need that worry broach, haha!