Sunday Afternoon Movie

Chris and I rented the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith. Oh man, that movie is so sad. I really could not hold it together by the end of the movie…but anyway…We started to watch the movie when Cooper was napping, but he woke up fairly early in the movie. I breast feed him and watched the movie.  When I was finished feeding him, we just kept him in bed with us. I brought a few toys over for him to play with. He kept himself entertained with his toys, giggling to himself. Occasionally he would look up at Chris or I for approval or acknowledgment. We would engage with him and tickle him or just give him a kiss and Cooper would go strait back to playing. At one point in the movie he just laid across my legs with his head resting in my arms. He was just so content to be near Chris and I.  I loved that he let me snuggle with him. Cooper is not a snugly baby so I took full advantage of his cuddling. He sat there for almost 2 hours (long movie) and was such a good boy. I enjoyed having all three of us up on our king size bed “Snuggling” together on a quite Sunday Afternoon. That’s a memory I want to remember, which is why I am writing about it. Makes me thank God for the family he’s given me and for beautiful moments like that.