Yesterday, my sister and I spent some time together. We went to church, visited her dogs for a short while, and then back to my house for lunch (which she treated me for, thanks!). I had a really great time hanging out with her! She got to see Cooper too! Cooper loves Lizzy. I think that Cooper could actually pass for my sister’s child- no kidding.

After she left, I was feeling kind of bummed that our morning and afternoon together had come to an end. Funny that I felt that way because when we were growing up we were always arguing with one another over something. I think being only 18 months apart in age made growing up a love/hate relationship. Lizzy and I also had many different interests growing up. These different interest lead us in different directions. Then we both went off to college and started our own lives. But recently, now that my parents are no longer local and I have a baby, I have found that we talk more on the phone and that we see more of one another. I love it! There is nothing more important in the world to me than family!

I have always had the dream that my sister and I would live close together and our children would grow up hanging out with one another. We would go on family vacations together and spend Sunday afternoons after church having family dinners and playing outside with our kids. I still hope that my dream will come true! I am glad God has blessed me with a sister! We have been through the growing pains of childhood together and I am looking forward to experiencing the blessing and woes of adulthood and parenthood together as well!

I love you Lizzy. Thanks for being my sister!

Aunt Lizzy

Yesterday Chris, my sister Lizzy, Cooper, and I took my step mom Marge out for her birthday. During dinner Cooper was scheduled to take a quick cat nap, but we were not home. He will no longer sleep in his carseat so I was fretting over what we could do. Cooper was starting to melt down and cry (in public..oh no!). My sister started to rock him and after about 10 minutes he was fast asleep in her arms. He slept there for about 45 minutes. She never ate her dinner and just boxed it up and took it home. I was thankful that she did that for Cooper (and me) so that we could all still manage to enjoy our dinner together. Cooper woke up just in time for dessert, which meant Lizzy could at least enjoy her strawberry short cake! Thanks Aunt Lizzy!