Dear Haydon

Dear Haydon,
You are such a joy! I love being your mommy. Your smile can light up a room. I love how when I wake you up in the morning that you greet me with your toothless grin. Instead of being grumpy from not eating all night, you smile at me with anticipation at what the day will bring. Your giggles come right out of our your gut and make me chuckle along with you. Even when your miserable with reflux or tired from a long day, you are still trying to smile and giggle through the tears. I pray you never loose that spirit of joy, that you always rejoice in the Lord and His day. Even at only 5 months you have taught me so much about having a joyful heart, even when things seem bleak. Thank you for blessing my life. Mommy will always love you, no matter what. Even if your smiles fade and your giggles grow still, I will never stop loving you. I pray you will always know you are loved.
Love you to the moon and back,

2 Comments on “Dear Haydon”

  1. Lizzy says:

    This made me cry. You are such a wonderful mother and all of your children are lucky to have you in their lives. Love you all! Aunt Lizzy

  2. Aunt Val says:

    Susanne…. this is a very touching tribute to Haydon!! It brought smiles to my face and tars to my eyes. Thinking of you on this day, both you and Lizzy, and your mom. I know your mom’s heart is singing with love and pride for both of her beautiful daughters. Now that you have those amazing children, you realize what a mother’s love is and how strong it is. That is the gift of motherhood. You are in my thoughts and heart. Love, Aunt Val