Time to clean up

Whwn to comes to cleaning up, Molly takes the award. Cooper cleans up, buy reluctantly. Anna needs constant reminders to stay on task. But Molly usually cleans up with no reminders. In fact, if Molly sees something out of place, she usually relocate the item to the correct spot. Molly loves order. For instance, today the kids went somewhere with Mimi. When they got home, they took off their shoes at the front door. We usually store our shoes in the laundry room. Well as we headed up for nap time, Molly saw the shoes and refused to go upstairs until the shoes, all 3 kids shoes, we’re properly stored away in the laundry room. After she finished putting the shoes away, she had a huge grin on her face. You could tell she was pleased with her self and that everything was put away.