Update Long Over Due

I realized that I have not been good about blogging since the twins were born- shame on me. Cooper has a ton of blog posts about him and hardly any on the twins. So I am going to try posting more, especially of the twins.

The twins, Anna & Molly, are going to be 17 month on September 9th. Wow! My babies are not really babies anymore. Chris and I continue to fall more in love with them each day. They are such easy toddlers and have such different personalities. Many people swear they are identical, and while Chris and I are still not sure if they are identical or fraternal, they could not be more different to us.

Molly looks like me, Susanne, as a toddler. Molly is very sensitive and has a ton of empathy for other people. If she sees her sister Anna upset, she is quick to grab her blankie and give it to her- hoping that will comfort her. Molly likes to clean up and have everything in its place. I love when blanket time is over. I do not even have to ask Molly to clean up. She just starts putting the toys back on the shelf and in correct boxes. But boy can she throw a tantrum. She is all drama! LOL.

Anna looks like my cousin Paige, but she also favors Chris. Anna is our free spirit and very independent. She does not need a lot of reassurance. When she gets her mind set on doing something- she does it. She is also our ham. She loves to smile and laugh. She is just plain goofy. She makes me laugh all the time. She is a picky eater and I have some battles to get her to eat her food. She loves to sit- that is probably her favorite past time. You can find her sitting on a chair in the playroom, the step in the hallway, or just sitting on the bench in our bedroom. It is super cute to see Anna just sitting there.

Cooper is going to be 3 on September 22. Wow. He is a little boy now. He is so smart. He just yacks and yacks and yacks. He has a thousand questions and never grows tired of asking why. LOL. He loves his sisters. He loves to wrestle with them, but it makes me so nervous when they start to get rough with one another. Cooper has a very tender heart and is very affectionate. He loves to hug and cuddle. He loves to have books read to him. And yes, his love of cars, trucks, and trains has not changed. He spends a lot of time with his mimi and papa who adore him! Cooper’s preschool teacher told me that he knows all his shapes and colors, but he has known them since before he turned two. When she asked me what I wanted his goals for preschool this year to be, I said- to work on motor skills and how to use the bathroom independently. While Cooper might excel verbally, he still needs a lot of help with his cordination, writing, and bathroom skills. Cooper is fully potty trained, except at night, but he cannot seem to get his undies and pants back on himself. I hope that skill develops this year! While he might be turning 3, he will always be my baby!

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  1. Aunt Val says:

    Susanne, Thank you so much for sharing your life, even if we are distant in miles, it makes me feel a little closer to you. We will be in B’more with our Kellan, but know that I’ll be thinking of you AND Cooper on the 22nd. Love you forever!! xoxo