I Forgot to Take A Bath

Last night Chris and I were bathing the girls. Cooper was playing with his match box cars in the bathroom and did not really want to take a bath. Cooper spent the night at his grandparents’ the night before so I asked him, “Cooper, did Mimi give you a bath last night?” In my head I was thinking, well if he took a bath last night it would be okay to skip tonight’s bath. Cooper answered, “Yes, Mimi gave me a bath.” We asked a little more further, but he was insistent that his Mimi gave him a bath. So Cooper was allowed to have no bath that night.

Fast forward to bedtime, we are in the middle of singing a song to Cooper, and Cooper belts out, “I forgot to take a bath.” Chris and I just bust out laughing so hard. Cooper did not want to go to bed so he though if he brought up how he “forgot” to take a bath that we would get him out of bed and let him take a bath. This made us laugh so hard. Then I said to him, “Cooper, but didn’t Mimi give you bath last night? You don’t need a bath tonight if she gave you a bath.” Cooper replied, “NO! Mimi did not give me a bath.” Humm, so Cooper lied or he’s just manipulating us. We firmly told Cooper he was not getting a bath and if he lied to us, he would have some consequence tomorrow.

We called his Mimi to figure out the truth, and it was true, Cooper did not get a bath from Mimi. What a little manipulator. He got out of his bath to play with his cars and then tried to work us again at bedtime. Oh man, do we have our hands full with Cooper!!! It is a good thing he is darn cute!

One Comment on “I Forgot to Take A Bath”

  1. Aubrey says:

    It’s totally the age! Ocean is always trying these things and boy is it tiring. Usually it is sooo adorable while being trying at the same time. I sure hope I survive this….and you too! 🙂