And Baby Makes 6

We are going to become a family of 6 sometime in February.

Yes, we are pregnant again! We know for sure that their is only one baby this time 🙂 We had an ultra sound at 7 week and then again at 12 weeks (could not find heart beat with Doppler so she had to use the u/s machine) and both times their was just one baby. The baby is due February 13, 2012. I am 12 weeks today. I have been pretty tired lately and having some late afternoon/ evening queasiness, but other than that, no complaints. I am just blessed with better than most pregnancies.

Below is the comparison of my belly growth between my 3 pregnancies. I have also included the 11 week ultrasound picture of baby #4.

13 weeks- Cooper

12 weeks: Twins

12 weeks- Baby #4


3 Comments on “And Baby Makes 6”

  1. Aunt Val says:

    Congratulations!!! Wow, 4 kids!! You are such a great mom you’ll handle it with grace and ease!! Love you!!

  2. suehaydon says:

    Thank you Aunt Val! Yes, wow 4 kids, what is what I say to myself too. But I know in the long run it will be a whole lot of fun. Love you too!

  3. Maria Poljarevius says:

    Wow Susanne one more:-) Congratulations! You really will have your hands full but as Val said, I can tell just reading you page that you will handle it with grace.
    Love you!!