7 Kids, Under 3

I absolutely love my neighbors the Cranstons. When we moved they had a little girls, Sophie, who is only 8 months older than Cooper. Cooper and their daughter play together quiet a bit, especially when the weather is nice outside. Then we found out we were having twins. Then a few months later, Scott Cranston told us they were expecting triplets. I thought he was joking, but kid you not, they were expecting triplets. Our twins and their triplets are only 4 months apart. They will be in the same grade at school. Won’t that be a funny site to see our twins and their triplets loading the school bus in the mornings. The had two girls and a boy. I imagine that our kids will have a lot of fun growing up together.

This past weekend we grilled together in our court. The babies all played on a blanket together while Cooper (2.5) and Sophie (3) ran around play in the court and on the bounce house. It was fun to have the kids all outside while the weather is still not too hot here. Here are some pictures of the kids from a night outside. The last picture is of the kids in their new Choo Choo Wagon on the way to the Easter Egg Hunt that our neighborhood sponsored.

2 Comments on “7 Kids, Under 3”

  1. Robert says:

    Thats a lot of kids

  2. Angie says:

    That is WILD and I LOVE IT!!!!