Molly & Anna May’s First Birthday

Anna & Molly

The girls turned 1 on April 9th! We had a birthday party at the house. It was such a nice day. The weather was perfect, 80s and sunny. We had the bounce house up for the older kids which was fun too. The girls love their cupcakes. Anna took a while to “dig in”. She sort of just touched the cupcake with her fingers and then slowly started to take very small bites. Molly took no time to tear up her cupcake. She picked the whole cupcake up and just start to inhale it, haha. The girls also enjoyed their ice cream. After we got the girls out of their highchairs, Molly crawled over to Chris and proceeded to lean in and eat his entire cupcake. So, Molly ate 2 whole cupcakes- Piggy! The girls we so happy and smiley all day long.

Molly stealing Chris's cupcake

I still cannot believe a whole year has gone by since the girls were born. That year was one of the hardest years of my life. I am glad that chapter of my life is behind me. I am looking forward to the coming year as the girls learn to walk and start talking for the first time. Right now, they crawl a ton and pull up and scale the furniture, but no real steps on their own yet. They will push the kitchen chair across the floor, but will not use their walkers, haha. Funny. They are waving and playing peek-a-boo. They sign all done and sometimes more. They both say the words “All Done”.

Anna just poking her cupckae...she's not too sure about it.

They are such happy girls, love crawling around and playing together. I hope they will always remain close friends. It is neat seeing the bond between them develop now that they are older. Here is a cute story about their special bond. Yesterday, we were at my in-laws house. Someone told Molly “NO”. Well Molly is very sensitive and started to cry, well almost wail. Anna, who was completely happy and playing on her own, came over to Molly, put her arm around her, and leaned her head against Molly’s cheek. Then Anna proceeded to wail and cry in unison with Molly while Anna kept her arm around Molly’s back. It was so sad and pathetic to see the two girls wailing their little hearts out together. And poor Anna was so upset that Molly was upset. My family all just stood their amazed at what they were witnessing that no one bothered to go over and console the girls. I was in the other room and when I notice that no one was going over to their aid, I went and hugged the both of them until they calmed down. I asked my family why no one was going over to comfort them, they all responded that it was neat to see how Anna was trying to comfort Molly and them crying together. I guess, that is pretty neat. They must have a very special bond even at one year old.

Anna & Molly getting ready to eat their cupcakes

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  1. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday Anna and Molly!

    Wow, Susanne, I loved hearing the story about Anna’s empathy for Molly; they really do share a special bond, already. THAT IS AWESOME!!!