I’m Happy

So recently, we have been trying to turn bad situations into happier ones with Cooper. So we have be telling him to laugh when he is getting his hair washed (because he hates water poured on his head). Or when he is in time-out, I ask him if he is done whining and crying because he has to have a happy heart to come out. Those are just some examples.

Well, he has been applying this “happy” thing incorrectly apparently. So today, Molly was in the playroom play near Cooper as he sat on a stool near the window and played with cars. Molly fell over and I rushed back into the room to pick her up and console her. I did not even think Cooper was the cause of her falling over until he blurted out, “Mommy, I’m happy. Molly fell down.” This is Cooper’s way of saying, “Please don’t punish me. Look, I’m happy, I cannot get in trouble if I’m happy.” I decided to quiz him a little more to see if he had pushed her down, but he just kept on insisting he was happy and Molly fell down. Humm, I guess I need to do a little bit more instruction on what “happy” means and telling the truth.