Anna & Molly Almost 9 Months Old

The twins will be 9 months old on January 9th. My daughters are so sweet and I love them so much. They are such good babies.

I am just LOVING them right now. They are playing together so well. They got a little tikes play kitchen for Christmas from my mother-in-law. They love it. They are sitting there and playing with it together. Then they will crawl over and start playing with their activity table together. They laugh at each other and it is so cute. SO different than when Cooper was this age. The girls hardly require any of my attention these days. It is cute to watch them “explore” together. They will crawl together, play together. Just the other day they were sitting in the hall way together playing with Cooper’s new car track and getting the biggest kick out of the toy and themselves. Cute! Cooper could not play that long on his own. I think having a constant friend your age makes independent play a whole lot easier. Their naps have been good. No new teeth seem to be trying to pop up, which probably explains why they are so content all the time. They still wear 6 months, but they are slowly starting to get to the point where they are near the end of the clothing size and working towards 6-9 month clothing. Their favorite toys right now are Cooper’s cars, this activity kick gym that sings and has a spinning wheel, the Little Tikes Kitchen my MIL gave them, and the Leap Frog Activity Table. Cooper and the girls end up fighting over the little toy cars pretty much every day. I think I might have some tom boys on my hands 😉

Quick Little Anna Highlights
Anna is my “happy baby”. She is always happy and smiling. She does not have much stranger anxiety and loves to be around the action and other people. Anna LOVES Chris. If Chris is in another room, Anna starts crawling right toward him- so cute. Anna is also our Cheerleader. When she gets excited, she starts to flap her arms up and down and screech. Anna’s favorite thing to babble is- babababa. She will say this syllable in various ways and it sometimes seems like she is having a conversation with you. Anna is very independent. She loves to crawl all over the bottom floor of the house exploring. She tends to be the leader of the girls and Molly just tags along. Anna LOVES her blankies. She sleeps with a few different ones and she chews on them. It is kind of gross because when I wake her up in the morning or from her naps, he blankies are always wet from her slobber and her chewing on them.


Quick Little Molly Highlights
Molly is my sensitive, cuddle bug. She loves to snuggle. When I put her down for her naps, she loves to rest her head against my chest and suck her thumb. When she get’s tired, she starts to suck her thumb, which in my opinion, is so cute. She needs reassurance from Chris and I more than Anna. She tends to want to be around us more than Anna. Molly loves her big brother Cooper though. She loves to be around him and crawl on him. Cooper has an affection for Molly too, it is cute to see the two of them interacting. Cooper pretends he is chasing the girls, which means he is just running by them and making them laugh. Molly loves it when Cooper does this and just busts out laughing. Molly has a great chuckle and when she laughs and smiles she crinkles her nose up, which is so adorable.

Molly with Daddy
Molly with Daddy

New Developments:
Fully crawling
Babbling a Ton
Can go from laying down to sitting up
Crouches on knees
finger grasp much better- can eat small pieces of cheese and puffs
Just Anna can pull up to standing, Molly is not quiet there yet
Take their hand and pat their mouths to make the sounds of “wa, wa, wa, wa”

Anna & Molly
Anna & Molly playing with Cooper’s race car track

2 Comments on “Anna & Molly Almost 9 Months Old”

  1. Angie says:

    Oh Susanne, I just want to eat them right up! 🙂

    Thanks for the update, it is so much fun to watch the girls grow up (through pictures). I am holding out hope to see you all this summer! Love you all!

  2. Sarah says:

    SO CUTE!!!! I love these updates 🙂 That headband you have on Anna is awesome – I may need to know where you got that 🙂 ha ha I Love my nieces and nephew!!