So There have been a few things that Cooper has said lately that I wanted to record so I would not forget. Chris said to me last night, ” You know, we will not have a house full of babies soon.” He’s right. All of our kids are going to grow up soon, all to soon. So I want to remember the cute things that Cooper says and does.

Our neighbors have a inflatable Santa Clause in their yard that they inflate at night when they turn on their Christmas lights. He goes to the window every morning and tells me, “Santa’s sleeping or Santa’s night night.” I got into the habit of telling him that Santa only wakes up at night when it is dark. So Cooper asks me all day if it is dark yet. How cute is that. He gets so excited when it is nighttime and Santa wakes up! He proclaims loudly, “Santa’s awake!”

He calls a spoon a “foon”.

He was eating a food bar yesterday and he says to me, “Ummmm, Delicious!” (Hilarious!)

There was a spider in the bathroom the other day when Cooper went to use the potty. I took the spider and grabbed it with a tissue and put it in the potty. Then Cooper went to the potty. When we went to flush the toilet, Cooper said, “Bye Bye Spider. Have a nice day.” (Too bad he did not know the spider had met his demise.)

I will add more Cooperisms as they come to me, but that is it for now.

Cooper with his cousin Danica