They Won’t Know

Cooper loves crackers! For dinner last night he had cut up pear, sweet potato, and chicken nuggets. But Cooper really wanted to eat crackers. I gave him two, but once they were finished he wanted more crackers. I told Cooper he had to finish his pears first. So Cooper shoved a bunch of pears in his mouth. I gave him one cracker for eating most of his pears. However, Cooper wanted another cracker. I told him to finish his pears again. He put a piece of pear in his mouth and I started to hand him a cracker, but he spit it out to eat the cracker instead. I took the cracker away from him and Cooper got every upset. Again, I told him to eat the 3 pieces of pear left and then I would give him the cracker. So Cooper put one piece of pear in his mouth and proceeded to take the remaining 2 pieces of pear and shove them under his highchair tray and “hide” the pear. Did Cooper really think we would not know that he just “hid” the pear? He hid them right in front of our eyes. HAHA!!! You have got to love the mind of a 20 month old toddler. Chris scooped up the hidden pear and told Cooper to finish them. Cooper finally finished the pear and I gave him his hard earned cracker!