36 Weeks & 18 Months

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant, which is 8 months pregnant. I only have 4 weeks to go until I make it to my due date- yippy! So I went to the doctor today and had my final growth scan ultrasounds. Baby B approximate weight is 5lbs 15oz and Baby A approximate weight is 5lbs 5oz. That is a total combined weight of 11lbs 4oz of baby in my tummy. Can you say, “BIG”! My doctors tells me to expect 6-7lbs babies, which is large for twins. My doctors does not think I look like I have any signs of impending labor so these two little ones could decide to wait until the very end to be born. I asked how much I should expect them to grow over the next 4 weeks. She told me twins typically grow about 1/4- 1/3 lbs a week these last 4 weeks. A singleton baby usually grows 1/4-1/2 lbs a week. Something neat happened during the ultrasound. We got to see Baby A blink and see Baby B practice breathing- so cool! I just cannot wait to meet them in real life. No pictures to share this time around. Again they are just too big and they don’t come out looking very good. But I will include a picture of my belly taken a few days ago when I was 35weeks, 4days pregnant.

So here is the shocking news…. Baby B is no longer breech- “WHAT!!!” Baby B has been breech since week 20 and was all tucked up so I am highly surprised that he/she is head down. Nuts! I had a ton of contractions Sunday and Monday. Monday night was so bad that I did not sleep a wink. I was literally up all night long. Apparently that is when Baby B did his/her somersault to head down. This still means I need a c-section because Baby A is the “gate keeper”. Which means, he/she is blocking the exit out. His/her feet are facing out toward my cervix. Unless Baby A decides to flip and get his/her head down, then I have to have a c-section. I had already mentally prepped myself for a c-section so I am okay if that has to happen. BUT, I am holding on to hope (with lots of prayer) that baby A will flip head down so I can have a vaginal delivery. There is never anything to impossible with God (as long as it is in his will).

35.5 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

35.5 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

35.5 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

35.5 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

18 Months

Cooper had his 18 month check-up this week. Cooper actually turned 18 months on Monday. I cannot believe that he is already a year and a half old. He is babbling up a storm. He just says strings of sounds and gestures with his hands as if he is trying to have a conversation with you or tell you something important. Too cute. He continues to add to his list of words he can say and sounds. He loves to make animals sound and trains, cars, and ambulance sounds. He is still obsessed with cars and anything with wheels. I do not think that is going to change! He continues to surprise me with is ability to tell me he needs to go to the bathroom. He has even woken up dry from his naps a few times recently and peed on the potty after waking- yippy! His favorite movies/ TV shows are Cars (Disney Movie) and Clifford The Big Red Dog (comes on PBS). He loves being read to, which I love! Oh, he discovered how to say no and shake his head no. He tells me no very often now, which actually cracks me up. At least he is better at communicating his wants and needs to me now that he can say both yes and no.

Here are his stats from the last doctors appt:
Weight: 28lbs 3oz
Height: 33 3/4 in

Cooper 18 Months Old

Cooper 18 Months Old

7 Comments on “36 Weeks & 18 Months”

  1. anne says:

    You look beautiful! Still praying that baby A will flip!!

  2. E1st says:

    The few from the front kind of reminds me of a torpedo. Bombs away!

  3. Angie says:

    That is amazing that Baby B flipped! Wow! Susanne, you really look wonderful. You really are all tummy…but there is a lot of tummy! Ha! I have to admit that I chuckled to see you, my little friend, not so little anymore! It is such a different look on you! 🙂

    I loved reading about Cooper’s latest developments. You have inspired me SO much with the good reports about his potty training, and I have gotten back on track with Lee. He still expresses some occasional resistance to being taken, when he just doesn’t feel like it, so I am making it a point to be VERY consistent. He needs to know there is NEVER a question about it. I can’t wait for the day he takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom like Cooper does with you! And wow, that is awesome that he even pees in the potty! What a wonderful milestone before you have two more babies in diapers. Cooper will be fully potty trained before long.

    Well, I certainly went on and on about the subject of potty training. Only mothers of toddlers could possibly understand! Ha! 🙂

    Love and miss you so much!!!

  4. Angie says:

    P.S. So did you buy any more maternity clothes for the last few weeks? Jessica just returned a bunch that I loaned her, and they are size small, some with adjustable ties…I was just thinking how nice it would be if I could just loan them to you!

  5. Lisa Young says:

    Dearest Susanne, I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment carrying the babies this far. I miss the Foley family. You look wonderful. Cooper is adorable. Say hello to Chris and his Mom and Dad from me. Looking forward to a phone call in the near future to hear they have arrived – safe and sound. Love and Hugs

  6. Meg says:

    Y’all are still on our list in the APL prayer group. Wonderful that things are going so well. Hard to believe how big your little man is getting. We’ll be thinking of you.