Line Up Straight

Cooper has a fascination, or should I say obsession, with lining things up. He loves to line up his cars on the window ledge. He always makes sure that the cars are facing the same direction. Sometimes he has the cars all facing looking out the window and other times he might have them all facing the left. If you move one of the cars to face a different direction, he notices and immediately switches the car to face the “correction” direction. I think that Cooper is a lot like his dad. Chris is very particular about how things should be done or put away. The other night Chris was playing with Cooper while he was in his bath. Chris was taking some of his foam toys and making them crooked. Cooper immediately noticed how they were crooked and straightened them. Chris laughed and said, “hey, I think Cooper is a lot like me!”

Well Chris’s Aunt Gloria was visiting and brought a gift for Cooper. She bought him some rubber figurines of zoo animals. Cooper loves them. He lines them up like his cars. He could spend two hours playing with these animals. He will take them out of the plastic container, line them up on the window ledge in all sorts of configurations, and happily rearrange their line up over and over. He occasionally points at each animal, which is Cooper’s way of asking me to name each individual animal. Too Cute!

Here is a picture of Cooper lining up his animals.

3 Comments on “Line Up Straight”

  1. Rebecca Spain says:

    What a cutie! Koa is the same way about lining up his cars

  2. Lola says:

    He is a wonderful boy – I’ll have to get him some more of these animals.
    Tell him Lola says hi!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh no! Another perfectionist in the family! Ha ha, as long as he’s not as slow as his dad and uncle 🙂