Twins @ 28 weeks and Some Other Tidbits

So here is the update on the twins at 28 weeks:

Baby B is still breech and I am having Chiropractor adjustments (Wester Technique) to help that suborn baby to flip- hopefully! Chiropractor explained to me that twins typically are in the head down and breech position for a reason and that if they don’t flip before delivery to not worry. That after baby A is born, baby B should have enough room to flip. I am hoping he is right! My OBGYN is going to allow me to have a vaginal birth since baby A is still head down, but if baby B does not flip after Baby A is birthed- I will have to have a c-section. YIKES! This is not the most ideal situation for me, but I am putting my trust in God! I have been praying for a vaginal birth and I feel like God has heard me and will answer my prayer. Please pray that I am able to have a vaginal birth and that Baby B will flip before he/ she is delivered!

At my OBGYN appt. today I found out that Baby A had a heart rate of 143 and Baby B had a heart rate of 139. I am really starting to think that I am having two boys. We still do not know their gender, but that is my hunch. I have a total of 5lbs of baby in my tummy and I am measuring as if I am 33 weeks pregnant with a single baby (5 weeks ahead). Baby A was 2lbs 6oz and Baby B was 2lbs 8oz. During the sonogram Baby B was trying to suck his finger and you could see his mouth opening and shutting (so cute). You could see both Baby A and Baby B’s eye lids blinking and opening and shutting too, which was so neat! Both babies are growing well and look healthy!

How am I feeling? Well, I am starting to get uncomfortable. It is hard for me to find a comfortable position to sit in for a long period of time. Even laying on the couch can get a little uncomfortable for me at times. I have noticed that I am starting to have some contractions. The only way I know that I am having them is that my tummy gets hard. They are not painful at all and I have no clue I am having them half the time time. My doctor wants me to start keeping track of how often I have them. Anything over 6 contractions in an hour is not good. I don’t that I am having that many contractions, but I will keep an eye out. I find that I just am not able to move around with ease anymore. I find myself rolling off the bed so that I can get up and pee at night, haha! My doctor also warned me to try not to push it to hard in my third trimester and take it easy. Easier said then done!

Other Tidbits….
I have been watching my friends little girl for about a month now (Let’s call her K). I am going to watch K until the twins are born. She is only 3 weeks younger than Cooper. Cooper has had some adjustment to having K around. Cooper does not like to share his toys and I often find him ripping toys out of K’s hands or pushing her away from the toys. Cooper also does not like it when I have to share my time between them. He is slowly getting better, but that is a product to many time outs after he has either stolen K’s toys, pushed/ shoved her, or just been mean towards her. They do play well together at other times and it is cute to see when they start babbling at each other as if they were talking to one another. K is very motherly towards Cooper and often likes to “help” him out. For instance, I was calling Cooper to me the other day and he would not come. So K walked over to him and put out her hand, trying to get Cooper to come to me. Too Cute! The two of them keep my very busy, but it has been a lot fun to have the two of them together!

Pictures: Below are belly pictures, ultrasound pictures of the babies, and a picture of Cooper & K playing together. Enjoy!

Twin B's face

Twin B's face and his/her eye is open @ 28 weeks


Twin A trying to suck his wrist/ thumb @28 weeks


Twin A's face @ 28 weeks

k and cooper

K and Cooper

28 weeks Pregnant with Cooper

28 weeks Pregnant with Cooper

28 weeks pregnant with twins

28 weeks pregnant with twins

28 weeks pregnant with the twins

28 weeks pregnant with the twins

3 Comments on “Twins @ 28 weeks and Some Other Tidbits”

  1. Jo says:

    Wow! You look good! Glad you are able to help Cooper learn about sharing. It is hard. You should see all the kids at bible study. Sometimes we spend more time helping them share than on study!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love the sono pics! thanks for sharing. I’m sooo excited for their arrival and I’ll be praying that both babies are birthed as you desire 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    All RIGHT – FANTASTIC POST!!! Susanne, you really do look wonderful. You know, I really can’t tell much difference between the belly pictures of Cooper and the twins; you don’t seem very big (yet?). 🙂 I am sorry you are already so uncomfortable and still have a ways to go. Um, very true about following the doctor’s advice; easier to say than to do! Especially with a second child, but that sound like such a good experience for Cooper to acclimate to another kid before the twins come. Maybe this will make for a less drastic change!

    I can’t tell you how much it meant for me to read about Cooper’s challenges with sharing and getting along with K. Lee is exactly the same way, and I am so grateful for the patience of the other moms in the Bible Study. Josh and Drew (and Julia) are like little angels compared to Lee, and I am always worried that he will hurt them or something! Already, though, I have seen a little bit of improvement with his interactive skills and sharing. It is definitely a lot of work to train him!

    Please know I WILL BE PRAYING about the breech situation. It is nothing for our God flip babies in the womb and I believe he will honor the desires of your heart in this matter.

    Sorry for such a long comment – love you!