Cooper got an aquadoodle for Christmas. This is one of the neatest toys! You can draw with a water pen on this plastic mat and it turns the mat blue. It is a great way for Cooper to get some extra practice with his fine motor skills without making a huge mess. I gave him some foam brushes and allowed him to dip them into water and “paint” water onto the mat. He had more fun dipping his foam brush in and out of the water container. I highly recommend the Aquadoodle to anyone with a young toddler. Just buy some foam brushes for another medium to use on the plastic mat.


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  1. Angie says:

    Susanne, THANK YOU for the tip! I had never heard of an aquadoodle but have been wanting to find something like this for Lee. I let him color with (large, non-toxic) crayons on paper for the very first time the other day. He loved it, but with the aquadoodle I wouldn’t have to supervise so closely. Do you know where the aquadoodle came from?