Twins @ 24 Weeks

I just had my 24 week appointment with my OB. The twins are looking great! There is plenty of fluid in each sac and they each gained a whole pound in one month. They now weigh 1 lb 12oz and 1 lb 11oz. That means I am carrying around almost 4 pounds of baby. No wonder I am starting to feel uncomfortable. Their heart beats were 151 and 161.  Baby B is still breach (head up) and I am praying that he/she will flip before it is time to deliver so I can have a vaginal birth. The good news is that Baby A is still head down and this baby is the one closest to my cervix. Baby A has to remain head down in order for my doctor to even allow me to attempt a vaginal birth- so let’s pray that he/she stays that way!

I am measuring as if I was 30 weeks pregnant with a singleton- and it feels like I am 30 weeks pregnant!! My back has started to hurt. It is beginning to get hard for me to bend down and tie my shoes or pick things off the floor. I cannot lay on my back at all or even recline strait back in a chair or I get very light headed and short of breath from all the weight pressing on my veins and lungs. My doctor said that is normal for the amount of weight I am carrying around from the babies, placentas, and extra fluid. Carrying Cooper around is starting to get more difficult, but luckily he is walking now and will hold my hand to go most places around the house. I don’t fit into any of my maternity pants I bought when I was pregnant with Cooper already. One baby is sitting very low (right on top of my cervix) and this makes putting some pants on very tight and uncomfortable. The baby will actually start punching my waist band if the pants are too tight, which does not feel good. Luckily, a girl from my small group gave me all her old maternity clothes that I can fit into.  I have gained a whopping 28lbs so far this pregnancy. I am suppose to gain between 35-40lbs, so I don’t see this as a problem.

We finally decided what to do with the twins’ nursery. I am going to paint the walls green (gender neutral) and use brown accents. We are also going to use the monkey theme that is Cooper’s room currently and move it into the twins’ nursery and give Cooper a new theme for his room. Since Cooper is obsessed with cars, we are going to make his room into a car, truck, and vehicle theme, which I know he will love! Once Cooper’s and the twins’ rooms are done, I will post pictures for everyone to see.

Here are some pictures of the twins from our 24 week ultrasound. They ultrasound pictures are starting to get a little more difficult to see because the babies are getting larger, but at least you get some kind of a glimpse of the twins:



Here are some comparison pictures of my belly at 24 weeks with my pregnancy with Cooper and this currently pregnancy with the twins:

24 Weeks Pregnant With Cooper

24 Weeks Pregnant With Cooper

24 Weeks Pregnant with the Twins

24 Weeks Pregnant with the Twins

24 Weeks Pregnant with the Twins

24 Weeks Pregnant with the Twins

2 Comments on “Twins @ 24 Weeks”

  1. Aunt Val says:

    Beautiful Mama! Beautiful Belly! Beautiful Babies!! I don’t have to tell you to rest whenever you can. That doesn’t mean do things around the house when Cooper naps. That means you rest, too! 😉 Love you bunches!

  2. Angie says:

    Awesome, Susanne!!! You and the babies look just terrific, and you sound like you have it all together. I can’t wait to see the nursery!

    Hey, I just tried to leave comments on previous entries but can’t seem to do it. What a cute story about Cooper wetting the floor before his bath – HA! LET ME KNOW if you figure out how to get him “pee-potty-trained!” 😀