Peeing on the Potty?

Cooper has been trained to poop on the potty. In fact, he poops in the toilet 95% of the time. However, Cooper is not pee trained yet. I still put him on the potty several times a day, if he pees great, if not oh well. I am not pushing potty training on him yet since he is only 14 months old.

Well, I usually put Cooper on the potty before his bath, in hopes that he will not pee in the bathtub. Well, he sat there for about 2 minutes and nothing happened so I took him off the toilet. He started to run around the bathroom naked. I called him over to me, but instead he sat down on the floor and started to pee. I had literally taken him off the potty only a minute earlier. I immediately grabbed him and started running towards the toilet, all the while he is still peeing leaving a yellow trail behind us. By the time I get him to the toilet, he had stopped peeing and was laughing. That little turkey!

2 Comments on “Peeing on the Potty?”

  1. Jo says:

    Too funny! Man- good thing for clorox wipes!

  2. Aunt Val says:

    That’s so funny! Not to worry though urine is sterile, unless infection is present. And you’re right not to worry about training, kids don’t usually have muscle control to hold urine or bowel until close to 2 yrs old, with boys they are statistically older. Anything before that usually means the ‘parents are trained’. LOL!! So don’t worry about it too much sweetie. Love you bunches!!