20 Weeks: The sex of the babies are…

Still unknown! But, we did find out today that the babies are indeed the same sex. We had told both the ultrasound tech and the doctor that we did not want to know the sex of the babies, but the doctors said to us, “Well, I can tell you that they are the same sex.” GRRR! We did not even want to know that much information, but oh what are you going to do? So that means that babies are either 2 boys or 2 girls. What do you think they will be- leave a comment and vote. I think it will be fun to hear everyone’s guesses.

I am 20 weeks along and doing great. I feel good and I really have no complaints. The twins have been pretty active and I can feel them pretty often. I feel Baby A a lot more than Baby B, but I think that is because of the way they are positioned. Baby A is head down in my pelvis and Baby B is breach (head up) toward the top of my uterus (right now). I hope that Baby B will fip before I have to deliver so I can have a vaginal birth, so say a pray for me and the babies. I started taking an iron supplement, which has helped with my energy a whole lot. I guess I was slightly anemic after all. My belly continues to grow. I have a picture of my belly taken at 20 weeks and I compared it to a picture of when I was 7 months pregnant with Cooper, and the bellies look to be the same size, which I think it nuts.

The twins are healthy! We saw a specialist today. She preformed a detailed anatomy ultrasound. She confirmed that my twins are the best type of twins to have- di/ di. Which means they have separate sacs and separate placentas and are not at risks for developing at different rates. The current weights of the babies is 12 ounces and 13 ounces, which are very healthy weights for 20 weeks. During the ultrasound today, the technician took two 4D pictures of the babies faces. I thought it would be neat to include them in this post. Baby B was so cute in his/ her picture, with his/her arm tucked up near his/ her face. I was also told that Baby B’s butt is right in Baby A’s face right now…haha! That is funny!

And now for some pictures….

Baby A @ 20 weeks

Baby A @ 20 weeks

Baby B @ 20 weeks

Baby B @ 20 weeks


20 weeks pregnant with Cooper

20 Weeks Pregnant with twins

20 Weeks Pregnant with twins

8 Comments on “20 Weeks: The sex of the babies are…”

  1. Aunt Lizzy says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Cannot wait to see you all. I say two more boys 🙂 We all want tons more Coopers around!

  2. Anne says:

    So exciting! I thought two more boys, but the picture made me say girls. (for no reason, lol!) So my vote is two girls!

    I am praying for heads down!! 🙂 plenty of time for Baby B to flip!!

  3. Angie says:

    Oh I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

    It will be SO FUN either way. If you have boys, SOO COOL, you will have this passel of guys and they will have such an awesome time growing up together (Cooper and the two younger brothers). You could make a big boys’ bunk room for them all to sleep in! Ha! If they are girls, how sweet! Also, I have heard time and time again that girls tend to be MUCH EASIER as babies, so you would have that to look forward to. And how fun to have PINK in the house, after all Cooper’s blue things…

    Again, I am just so excited!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know which way to vote, but good odds at 50/50 🙂 I love my nieces or nephews so much, no matter what they turn out to be! And my plea still stands, just find out the gender of ONE twin and I’ll be happy 🙂 ha ha ha

  5. Rochelle says:

    Sue, you look great!! 🙂 So happy for you that the twins are growing so well. Can’t wait to hear what gender they turn out to be…I’m thinking boys…but we’ll see. 🙂

  6. Jo Anne says:

    I’m guessing two boys!

  7. Aunt Val says:

    Oh Susanne, what beautiful babies and beautiful mama!! Those sonogram pics are incredible! Oh to buy pink or buy blue?! Such decisions! 😉 I’m going to say two little girls. xoxox

  8. Robert says:

    Two hermaphrodites