Blizard in Houston

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

A few flurries and the whole city of Houston is going nuts. Yes, Houston is experiencing some mild snow, well it is more like flurries. It is lightly coming down and it not even sticking to the grass where I live. I went to MOPs (Mother’s of Pre-Schoolers) today and here was the announcement by the leader to a group of over 150 women, “We are going to end our MOPs meeting a little early today because schools are closing early. We also don’t want anyone driving on the roads as the weather gets bad. The snow is really coming down hard. So please be careful driving home and walking on the side walks.”

Yes, no joke they are closing schools early. Local school districts are closing anywhere from 1- 3 hours early. As I drove home from my MOPs meeting today (around 12pm), I passed a local middle school. The entire school was outside, scads of middle schoolers running across the school yard with their hands lifted and screaming in delight at the sight of flurries, oh opps, I mean snow. The sight had me laughing so hard that Cooper starting to mimic my laughter even though he had not idea what I was laughing about.

Having lived in Maryland, I just find Texans’ reaction to the light flurries/ snow to be comical. Marylanders would not even bat an eye at the type of weather we are having here. Having said all that, it is still nice to see a little white stuff coming down. Reminds me of home. I have really missed Maryland the past few months. But I believe that God has blessed me because I  was able to see leaves changing colors over Thanksgiving- beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves as we retreated to Chris’s family’s farm. Houston trees are even begining to show sings of fall. I took a walk with Cooper yesterday around my neighborhood and just soaked up the colors in the trees. Then today little white flakes, simple reminders that God really does love us. He takes delight in making us happy. I have felt very lonely here in Houston lately, but even though I may be far from home and what is familiar to me, God has not left me. He has given me comfort through his creation. The snow and the changing leaves are just signs from God that all is not lost, but there is hope here in Houston!

3 Comments on “Blizard in Houston”

  1. Tricia says:

    So funny!! The humbling thing is that the North North Atlantic dwellers laugh at us for calling “snow” snow. We think snow when we see a few inches and they measure snow in feet. But that is TOO FUNNY when they called it a “Blizzard” hehehe
    Glad you got get a taste of MD:)

  2. E1st says:

    There are few things more ridiculous to a New Yorker than seeing how the schools react to a couple of inches in Maryland.

  3. Angie says:

    As if the post itself were not funny enough, the above comments had me cracking up even more! HA! This struck me so funny in a homey-sort-of way, because, being from the deep south myself, I found it all too familiar! Now that I’m living in Maryland, it really is hilarious to think of how we over-reacted to a few snow flurries.

    Oh Susanne, I can relate to your pain of loneliness and homesickness. You have such a sweet spirit, and I was blessed to read your grateful thoughts for the changing fall colors. Just in the last couple of months, I have really started to feel a sense of belonging here (even though I still ache to be close to family and the familiar things…), which I never really had before and wondered if it would ever come. I am sure you will feel the same, in time, but for now I am so glad for the comfort you had in the beauty of nature. Love and miss you!