Cars & Wheels

Cooper’s new love is cars. This is actually his first true word. When he says car he sounds like he is from Boston, which sounds so cute! He plays with cars about 70% of his day. He loves to roll them around the hallway and through the house. He even enjoys looking at books with cars and trucks. I just got a Baby Einstein DVD for him that is called “On The Go” and it has tons of vehicles on it, which he loves. To him all things with wheels are cars. He points out the window at trucks and says, “Car”. He points at the tractor in a book and says, “Car.”Cooper is also very into using his walker to get around the house. He is still not walking unassisted so his walker is mode of transportation unless he chooses to crawl.

I uploaded a 6 minute video of Cooper play with his cars and using his walker. It totally captures the stage that Cooper is currently in. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “Cars & Wheels”

  1. Aunt Lizzy says:

    Awww I miss him so much. It is amazing how much he has grown! I cannot wait to see you all again soon. And I must add how beautiful of a pregnant woman you make, Sus. I hope I am as lucky one day 🙂 Love you all!

  2. Angie says:

    FANTASTIC video clip; THANK YOU SUSANNE!!! One of my favorite aspects about it was seeing you, and you are looking great. I love your new haircut, too. Also, it was so much fun to get glimpses of your kitchen, livingroom, and playroom. I love your house and am so glad the Lord led you and Chris there before you got pregnant with the twins. The setup there looks great for kids! Cooper looks very happy and I miss you both very much!!!