When Sickness Strikes

The Foley Family officially shared the love these past two weeks. It started with me, Susanne. I got a low grade fever, cough, headache, and a stuffy head/nose. I actually thought I might have the flu so I went to my doctor. I was never tested for the flu so I am not really sure if I had it or not. My doctor speculated that my fever was not high enough for the flu. Well about 4 days later, my son, Cooper, got this nasty head/ chest cold. He ran a fever and was pretty clingy and cuddly. He actually sat on the chair in his play room and watched about two hours of TV with me the second day he was ill. Poor guy! He usually will not sit in my lap for longer than 5 seconds- so I knew he was not feeling well. Then about three days go, Chris finally got sick. His fever ran a little higher than the rest of us. His fever finally broke last night and is at home resting.

I am glad we are all on the road to recovery! It is never fun when the ENTIRE family gets sick. I think the hardest part of me was playing mommy to Cooper when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep my sickness away.

2 Comments on “When Sickness Strikes”

  1. Aunt Val says:

    So glad to hear you all are on the mend! So many different viruses going around. Not to mention you need to be extra vigilant as you are carrying two precious cargo. 😉
    Lindsay had Cory in the ER yesterday for 105.5+ fever, scary high fever. But thankfully it was just a virus and not the flu. And you are right… it would be wonderful to be able to just sleep an illness away, let the body rejuvenate and fight bugs. But as a mom, that doesn’t happen.
    You all take care… xoxox to all of you!

  2. Angie says:

    Actually, you were playing mommy to THREE while being sick at the same time!!! Bless you, dear. I am sorry you all have been sick and so glad you are feeling better. Wish I could have brought over a pot of homemade chicken soup. 🙂