Creative Toys

Cooper is getting bored with his toys and Chris and I just don’t have the money to go out and buy him a bunch of new toys. I decided to check out some books from the library, ask friends for advise, and look on the internet for ideas on how to find toys on a budget or make them. One of the toys that I made for Cooper, which he seems to like, is really simple.

I bought some clothes pins from the dollar store ($1) and I put a hole on the top of an old formula container. He enjoys putting the clothes pins in the container. Here are some pictures of him doing it.




3 Comments on “Creative Toys”

  1. Aunt Val says:

    Hi Sweetie! I hope this find you feeling well! Your mom made you girls toys out of wooden tinker toy sets. They come with instruction books. You can make a few different toys, then we he gets bored with them you can take them apart and make something different. How about making some bean bag friends, you can make animals or people. Not to mention he can toss them around. All you need is some scrap fabric, (old jeans, shirts, towels) dry beans or rice and thread. Those are just two that quickly came to my mind. When I come up with something else, I’ll let you know. I love you! xoxo

  2. Aunt Val says:

    I thought of another homemade thing that your mom and I both did. In fact, I gave Lindsay’s hers for her wedding shower. Buy inexpensive filler pages for photo albums. The ones that have the clear plastic and your place pics on the sticky part and cover them with the plastic. You take those and cut them across in half. You place pictures of family, Santa, places, things, his room, whatever you like, in them. Tie a ribbon thru the holes for the rings. Then you have a little book to go thru with him as he practices everyones names and recognition. Every kid loves boxes!! You can get them free at the grocery store or appliance store. Get one big enough he can crawl into and play. And plasticware such as measuring cups and spoons and containers, wooden spoons… they love to ‘beat’ on them. If you don’t have any old ones, pick them up at the dollar store. xoxo

  3. Susanne says:

    Great Ideas Aunt Val! I remember the picture book that my mom made me of the zoo. I also have pictures of me playing in a huge cardboard box. I think I will have to do that for Cooper too!
    Love ya!