One Year Check-Up

Here is how our little man is growing:

Head 48.2 cm (92%ile)
Height 31.5 in (86%ile)
Weight 23lbs 12oz (64%ile)

3 Comments on “One Year Check-Up”

  1. Aunt Lizzy says:

    So he isn’t as heavy as we all thought!! Grow on, Cooper!!! I hope he ends up being taller than both you and Chris 🙂 Give my baby Cooper my love xoxo

  2. Robert says:

    Does that mean he has a gigantic head?

  3. Angie says:

    SOUNDS GREAT! Keep up the good work, Cooper, you will soon be a big help to your mommy!

    Susanne, you and Chris are doing so good – Cooper is such a fine, healthy big boy. You just TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!