I know that I have not been as faithful to blogging as I should, but now that Cooper is crawling and pulling himself up on everything and anything, it is hard for me to have a moment to get to the computer.

House Update: So far we have painted the master bedroom, master bathroom, cooper’s bedroom, cooper’s bathroom, and the laundry room. We are also mostly done painting the living room and we are going to work on painting the hallway and entryway this week. Still have a long way to go, but eventually, little by little we will get there.

Church Update: We found a church! Yippy. I am so happy that we found a church that we can sink our feet into and grow. We attend morning service and then following the morning service we attend a small group. The small group is comprised of a lot of young families with young children. I love it. I am hoping to make some good friendships with these people. Best part about this small group, I am really challenged by the teaching and study that we are doing. Cooper goes to the nursery for 8:30-11 while we do our church thing. He seems to really enjoy being around other kids. There are 4 other babies who are his age in the nursery from our small group. I think that is neat. If you want to learn more about our church click here: http://www.themetonline.org/

Cooper Update: Cooper is crawling, pulling himself up on everything. He is babbling away. Cooper loves to eat finger foods cut into small pieces. He enjoys drinking water from his big boy cup that has a straw. He is really not a little baby any more. I look at him and it is hard to imagine him as a tiny little baby. GEE, he did grow up fast. He is just a few days shy of 11 months and in one month he’ll be one. His new claim to fame is picking up his toy telephone and holding it up to his ear, too cute! He takes two naps- one hour nap in the am and 1.5 hour nap in the pm. He sleeps about 11-12 hours a night. I love all the sleep I can get at night.

Vacations/ Travel: We are getting ready to head back to Maryland for a family vacation with the Tumolo’s at my father and Step-mom’s beach house. That should be fun. I will make sure to take a ton of pictures. The week following that we are going to be in the Columbia area visiting with friends and family while Chris returns to APL for a week of work on site. For those of you who did not know, Chris is still working for APL remotely in Texas. Chris plans to make the switch to his family’s insurance business in the middle of September.


2 Comments on “Update”

  1. Jayme says:

    What a cute photo! Tell Ken and Margie I say hello! Miss you guys.

  2. Aubrey says:

    I Love that look! Don’t touch my brush! 😉 And the shirt goes perfect with this pic. 😀