Almost 10 Months Old

We just took Cooper to the doctors office for his 9 month check-up, except that he is a week shy of 10 months, so we are a little late. We had the typical developmental questions asked and his height and weight checked. We are growing a BIG kid. I asked the doctor if it was okay that he was only army crawling and he said it was fine. The doctor suspects that because Cooper is carrying around a “little” more weight, that is why he is not crawling on his knees and elbows yet. The doctor said not to worry, that in time he’ll get there.

So here are his stats (9 months, 24 days old)

Height:  29.5 inches (78%)

Weight: 22 lbs 7 oz (71%)

Head Circumference: 47 inches (85%)

Clothing size: 12-18 month clothing (I kid you not!)

2 Comments on “Almost 10 Months Old”

  1. Margie Tumolo says:

    Such a joy and a precious gift from God….he is so cute. Thanks for sharing his growing and learning experiences.

  2. Angie says:

    Look at that big boy! Cooper, you are growing up so well and SO HANDSOME! MISS YOU!!!