Flying Cockroaches


In the movie “Annie”, the little girl Annie has a famous line to exclaim her dismay. She said, “leaping lizards.” Well I think I have a new phrase to show my dismay and horror, “flying cockroaches.”

So last night around 2:30am, I hear a noise. We had the ceiling fan on and I though it was a plastic bag on the floor that was blowing around. I get up and move the plastic bag, but I still hear the noise. Then I listen harder and I realize that it is coming near our window. I think it must be bugs that are flying up against the window and making a light tapping sound. I turn the blinds open and see a huge black thing in the dark and quickly shut the blinds again. I exclaim to Chris, “I think there is a HUGE bug in our window.” Chris tells me it is probably stuck between the screen and the window pane. Well I turn on the light and then open the blinds again to inspect. OH MY GOODNESS…it was a huge cockroach and it fell to the floor and then proceeded to FLY! AHHHHHH…..I started to scream, “It’s flying, Kill it, Kill it, It’s flying, I cannot believe it’s flying.” It lands behind my huge chest of drawers. AHHHH….I am totally undone at this point. Chris, half asleep gets up and is trying to locate the cockroach. Finally, about 5 minutes later he found it and killed it with his shoe, my hero! Even though the cockroach was dead, I was very unsettled. I had thoughts of flying cockroaches landing on me in the middle of the night or of me stepping on one if I had to get up and use the bathroom. We had just had an exterminator come out to the house about 4 weeks ago to kill these creatures, but apparently he did not get them all. I insisted that Chris call the exterminator to come back out and do his magic again. Hopefully the second round of extermination will work. I had the hardest time falling back to sleep. I think I finally dozed off around 4:30 and literly a few minutes later, Cooper woke up crying. I was tired and hoping he would fall back to sleep. In my dismay, I said to myself, “Flying Cockroaches! Can this get any worse?”

6 Comments on “Flying Cockroaches”

  1. Erika says:

    Oh so funny! Again, welcome to the great state of Texas where everything is bigger and better. I’m sorry that you moved here when we’ve had record heat! And now you’ve experience the terror of a flying cockroach. However, take heart! This is about the worst you’ll have to deal with and you will totally acclimate to the heat…maybe even come to love summer. I do! It’s my favorite time of year. Yes, even in Houston! My mom and dad are from the North/Northeast (Ohio and New Jersey) and they both love Texas…so you’re mind will change. Pretty soon you’ll be proudly displaying your Texas home decor and cooking BBQ…I just know it! I’m glad you’re here and I know its a big change but it will get better! Hang in there!

  2. Angie says:

    Ah yes, cockroaches…one thing I most definitely do NOT miss from the south! I am so, so sorry, Susanne! You’re right, they are horrible and unsettling. They are probably the worse they will be right now, because the house was uninhabited for a while.

    I just saw your recent email with the three pictures and am amazed at all of Cooper’s teeth! Poor little teether. Things have been rough for all of you lately, but I know it will get better. You are in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend.

  3. Susanne says:

    Erika, Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, it has been a hard adjustment. I am kind of getting use to the heat, but the bugs are another thing. I do hope in time that I will feel more at home in this state!

    Angie, thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I know we are both adjusting to our new homes and it is nice to know I have a friend who is kind of going through the same adjustments as me.

  4. Margie says:

    Yikes! I empathize. My first time encounter with these large annoying creatures was in my dorm room bed! Felt something crawling up my leg. Talk about unsettling! It has been so hot that they are trying to find shelter. Still haven’t figured out what “useful purpose” these creature serve!

    Sorry you had such a bad night! Be sure to have you exterminator get in your attic and treat it.

  5. Aubrey says:

    I’ve heard that Cockroaches are the only thing that would survive a nuclear holocaust. Eww! I’ve only seen one *knock on wood*. Do you have a special, “bug” scream? My husband can tell instantly from across the house if there is something that needs to be squashed.

    Unfortunately, I’m blessed with giant swamp-like spiders in this house. They come in from the heat and you see them scurry across the floor. At least one a day! YUCK! EWW! AHH! *shivers*

    Have you had anymore?

  6. Susanne says:

    Aubrey, I def have a bug scream and my husband knows when I have seen a bug. I have not seen any more monster cockroaches, thankfully! With this hot weather, the tree cockroaches tend to seek shelter when it rains or is hot…and well it has been def. hot here so I have a feeling I will have some more unwelcome guest in the near future! I hate spiders too so not sure what is worse, cockroaches or your spiders?