Happy Birthday Chris

Today, April 23rd, is Chris’s 28th Birthday! I thought I would wish him a happy birthday on our blog. I also wanted to comment on how much I love him.

Chris is a wonderful husband and father. I feel truly blessed to have the privilege of being married to my best friend. He is patient, loving, funny, supportive, giving, friendly, slow to anger, kind, compassionate…the list could keep going! I really feel like the luckiest woman to be married to him. God knew my need and provided me a husband to fit! He can have some cheesy jokes and corny ways, but I love him for it 😉 I cannot imagine having to raise Cooper on my own without him. There have been those hard parenting moments that Chris has stepped in and helped out, even if it is a 2am and Cooper is crying with Colic or it is early evening and Cooper is just screaming his little head off. I can count of Chris. I feel secure and loved. I think that all woman long to feel security in their relationships. I never have to questioned Chris’s love for me or his actions. I know he is devoted to me!
I love you Chris! Thanks for always being supportive and loving. I pray that God will bless you in the coming year. Have a Happy Birthday.

5 Comments on “Happy Birthday Chris”

  1. Trent Foley says:

    Happy Birthday Chris! I too thought I would wish you happy birthday on your blog in this comment and also want to comment on how much I love you! Chris is a wonderful brother. Known as “Take it up the *** Foley” in college, growing up I could always count on him to take the heat from my parents, even though I was the source of the aggravation. And still, he remains as devoted as a dog, always returning home to his family (literally next month). Looking forward to having you back in Texas and teaching Cooper how to beat you on the PS3.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow Trent, should I say thanks to that? I’m glad you see me as devoted as a dog!

    But Sus, thank you for the birthday post. You know that I’m just as fortunate to be married to you. I’ll tell you instead of writing it on here to save our few blog readers from reading too much sap. But I sure am glad to be married to you… and I’m looking forward to that chocolate cake!

  3. Margie (Mom) says:

    Wow Chris! What a great birhtday wish from Susanne. Guess you’re not in the “Doghouse”!

    Yes, I agree, Susanne is really lucky to have you (of course, I’m a bit biased), but you are really lucky to have her! And Cooper is even luckier. He gets BOTH of you.

    But those of us in Texas have you all beat. We get all of you!

    Happy Birthday!
    Luv ya,


  4. Erika says:

    You know how Michael and I are full of sap (and sarcasm) so I will suffice to say Happy Birthday…we are looking forward to having your guys in Houston. And if you’re really nice, we’ll let you play our Wii 😉

  5. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday, Chris!!

    BTW, guys. We’re going to Cocoa Beach, FL next month. Any advice for taking a baby to the beach?