Tummy Sleep

Last week Cooper began rolling from his back to his belly. Previously, he was only able to roll from his belly to his back. So Cooper has now acquired a new skill. Yea!

We were still struggling to get Cooper to sleep unswaddled during his naps. We had successful made the transition to a sleep sac at night, but not for day time sleep. Well, on both Sunday and Monday during his naps, Cooper managed to roll over, swaddled, onto his tummy. This is not safe! I watch him do it on the video monitor. I would have to go in an flip him. Also, I should mention that at night he has been flipping himself onto his tummy to sleep. On Sunday night, Chris actually went back in and flipped him to his back, but within two minutes, Cooper flipped himself back to his belly. So, I put him in a sleep sac yesterday for both naps. He flipped himself on to his belly in under five minutes and slept great! Apparently, Cooper perfers to sleep on his tummy.

This brings me some concern. The Ameraican Pediatrics Associaion recommends children under one should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. However the risk of SIDS dramatically reduces once a child is over the age of 6 months, which Cooper is! I am just concerned about him rolling his face into his bumper and suffocating. I found a bumper that I am planning to purchasing that is made of mesh called the breathable bumper. It will still keep Cooper from getting his arm or leg stuck in the slats, but allow air to flow in case his face is up against it.

So we now have a tummy sleeper who does not need to be swaddled! YEA!!! I still find him sucking on his fingers while sleeping. Too Cute!

3 Comments on “Tummy Sleep”

  1. A. Lynn says:

    I would toss out the bumper all together. 🙂 Ocean has never had one and it saves me a lot of concern.

  2. Jo says:

    Drew never had a bumper and while I will see a leg or arm sticking out of the crib, he pulls it back in without a problem. It might not be a bad idea to get rid of the bumber so that Cooper can learn to put his hands out and in.
    And, I think once Drew started to be able to flip himself, I stopped putting him down on his back. Once they become mobile (able to flip/move), they will get themselves out of tricky situations or scream for your help. Having the video monitor lets you see what is going on! Love that thing!

  3. Katherine says:

    This last week, I found Anne Marie had rolled over on her tummy. Her hand was under her forehead. She was breathing, so I left her alone. She was sleeping like her mommy sleeps. We took her swaddle off as soon as she started rolling so that she can be able to free herself if she gets her face obstructed.