Holding the bottle

This morning as I was feeding Cooper with a bottle, he decided he was going to take a stab at it. He reached both of his tiny hands on either side of the bottle and held it (without my help). He has done this before, but then he took it a step farther. Cooper directed the nipple of the bottle into his mouth and he began sucking. I could not believe it! Well, he was not successful at actually getting the milk to come through the nipple because he was not holding the bottle at a high enough angle, but it was close! I removed the bottle from him and started feeding him again, but he started to fuss and scream. I had to let him hold the bottle to continue feeding him. He wanted to feed himself. So I just held the end of the bottle up so he could finish the last ounce of milk. My little boy is not so little anymore. Just another reminder that they grow up way too fast!

4 Comments on “Holding the bottle”

  1. A. Lynn says:

    I was so excited when Ocean first held his bottle! He also demanded to hold it all the time once he figured it out. Now we are dealing with solid foods and independence. Ocean wants to feed himself EVERYTHING but he just isn’t yet capable and gets angry that I don’t give him the bowls and spoons. 🙂

    Just wait – it gets better! I think I really started to enjoy Ocean so much once he reached the age of bottle holding.

  2. Jo says:

    That is great! Drew likes to throw his arms to the side and open his mouth. I think I’ve spoiled him too much. Maybe Cooper could tell Drew how cool it is to feed yourself!

  3. Susanne says:

    A. Lynn, these little guys just have a mind of their own don’t they. It is amazing how at such a young age they can be so demanding and have their own agendas. I cannot wait to see what Cooper has in store for us. I am looking forward to all the new things ahead. Thanks for sharing your experience with Ocean!

  4. Susanne says:

    Jo, you have not spoiled him too much! He just wants to spend more time with you;) I cannot wait to see Drew on Friday!