If you want it done, make a list

I am a person of good intention, but I easily forget to do things. If I do not write things down, I will not remember to do them. When I was in college, the only way that I was able to get things done was to use a student planner so I could organize all the various due dates, test, and assignments. Now that I am staying at home with Cooper, I have things to do around the house and take care of for Chris. And ever since Cooper, I have become even more forgetful. It drives Chris nuts when I forget to do something so he has started to leave me lists. Here is an example of a list he left me today:

* Scan Delta Dental Papers, endorse to Dr. Sandler DDS, mail to Dr. sandler’s office

* Write check to mail to GBMC, record in budget

* Go to Lifetime Fitness to workout and cancle membership

* Figure out AAA stuff

* Index cards with bible versus

I get a big thrill when I have accomplished something and I can cross it off the list. So Chris’s detailed lists are good for both of us…I get things done and Chris is happy.

2 Comments on “If you want it done, make a list”

  1. A. Lynn says:

    I love the Go to Lifetime Fitness to workout and cancel membership… 🙂 This made me chuckle.

  2. Susanne says:

    A. Lynn, Yeah, that does sound funny, doesn’t it!