The Unexpected

This morning Chris was holding Cooper and started walking across the room to turn off a lamp. On his way there, Cooper threw up all over him. Chris comes in the kitchen, where I was cleaning up, and says to me very calmly, “I need help.” I take Cooper from Chris so he can change and clean the carpet. Cooper also managed to get threw up all over his brand new outfit that Grandma had given him so I decided to change him. But before I got to his room, he threw up again but this time on me. I am starting to think that Cooper may be ill so I decided to take his temperature (rectal). As I am taking his temperature (he did not have a temperature), he begins to poop. Fun! So I clean up the poop and just as I finish he starts to pee. Chris quickly throws his hand on top to block the spray of urine from hitting us..wee so much fun! At this point Chris and I are laughing really hard with one another. Cooper looks up at us and just cracks the biggest smile and giggles. I think if Cooper could talk he would have said, “Just wanted to see what you two were made of!” Kind of like boy scoots, always be prepared. You never know when to expect the unexpected!

5 Comments on “The Unexpected”

  1. E1st says:

    That’s wonderful.

    Look at your, blog all-stars!

  2. Rebecca Spain says:

    lol. love the story! never would have thought baby messes could bring such joy huh? 🙂

  3. Susanne says:

    E1st- Why thanks you! * Thank 😉

  4. Susanne says:

    Rebecca- Yes, who would have known. They sure do make for good stories! I am sure you have plenty of your own! Hope the boys are doing well!