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Yesterday evening Chris, Cooper, and I all went over to our friend Eric’s house. Eric is an amazing blogger. He has a very well kept up website which he blogs on almost daily. He also has several friends who have websites and blogs that he follows on a regular basis. When we started our website in September 2008 he “bookmarked” us so that he could keep up with out postings on our website and see how little Cooper is growing. But I was informed yesterday evening, that we were no longer “bookmarked” on his computer. Oh the travesty!! So I in order to earn our status back on Eric’s list of note-worthy websites to “bookmark”, I have to write more entries more frequently. Hopefully over time I can earn our bookmark back.

But that’s enough about that…on to more interesting topics… Like the word “Jeneric”. Webster dictionary defines the word as:

1 a: relating to or characteristic of a whole group or class : general b: being or having a nonproprietary name <generic drugs> c: having no particularly distinctive quality or application <generic restaurants>2: relating to or having the rank of a biological genus

Our friend Eric recently started to date a girl name Jen. We were able to finally meet her last night when we stopped over for dinner with the two of them. We really like Jen and think that she seems to be a good fit for our friend Eric from our first impression of her. Chris and I were discussing the two of them yesterday evening and Chris says, “They are generic.” I did not pick up on this right away and Chris started to chuckle to himself. As usual it takes me a while to figure out the pun. But yes, Jen + Eric = Jeneric. However, if you know our friend Eric you know he is nothing close to generic. And after meeting his girlfriend Jen, I am pretty sure she is not very generic either. Actually, we asked them what their V-Day plans were. They said they were going to go Geo-Caching. I had never heard of this before, but apparently you go and find hidden treasure and trinkets that people hide and then you use GPS coordinates to find this hidden treasure. I would say that Geo-Caching is not your typical Valentine’s Day activity. Generic? NO! Jeneric? Yes. So I guess Jen and Eric give a whole new meaning to the word “Jeneric”.

3 Comments on “Just a “jeneric” blog”

  1. E1st says:

    I may have deleted your bookmark, but I did subscribe to your Entry RSS instead. This way I don’t have to show up only to be disappointed – I’ll only poke in if you have something new.

    I’m actually a little upset that Jen hasn’t embraced the JenEric thing. No one can ever remember my name, so I comfort them by telling them no one else remembers it either, then giving them the mnemonic “you can’t spell generic without ‘eric'”. Jen, it might seem, does not see the romance in being generic…

  2. JenMonin says:

    The irony here is how well I DO fit the definition. My name doesn’t often seem to stick with my face in people’s memories, though I suppose that’s not uncommon. But I can do you one better: for years now, once a month or so someone comes up to me and says, “I think I saw you at such-and-such place yesterday. Or at least someone who looks just like you.” Since I have yet to be the person at such-and-such place, I have come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, fairly generic (looking, at least). Or I have a lot identical sisters out there that Mom and Dad forgot to mention.

    I also really enjoyed meeting you the other night. I hope there will be another opportunity sometime soon.

  3. Susanne says:

    Eric and Jen- I think you two are as un-generic as they come! You give new hope to the word! Jen, it was really good meeting you the other night and yes I hope I get to see you again sometime soon too. Eric- glad to see I at least earned “subscribable” status. I am still hoping to earn that “bookmark status” back though! I am going to start updating our website with postings more frequently now! Especially now that Cooper is finally taking some solid naps- gives me some time to do some other things 🙂