Cooper Is A Month Old

Cooper is growing like a weed. We recently took him to his one month check up on October 22nd. He weighed in at 9.12lbs and was 23in long. He is very tall for his age apparently. Not sure where he is getting his height since Chris and I are not very tall people.  Cooper also developed baby acne which peaked at 4 weeks and is finally starting to disappear. He looked like a hormonal teenager. He is also starting to sleep for longer stretches at night, but we are still waking up two or three times a night for diaper changes and feedings. These late night feedings are keeping mom and dad pretty tired, but we are hanging in there.

Cooper is starting to notice his mobile and he loves to look at lights. Cooper’s favorite place to hang out is in the kitchen safely tucked into his bouncer. He loves the bright lights and the sounds of the dishwasher and washer/ dryer running. If Cooper is in a bad mood, all we need to do is stick him in the kitchen and he instantly stops crying (Thank God!).

Chris and I have been lucky to get out without Cooper a few times. We’ve had Aunt Lizzy, Grandma Foley, and Grandma Tumolo who have watched him for a few hours. We’ve also taken Cooper with us to our friends’ houses for dinner and to play our newest addiction – Settler of Catan (board game). He’s been to church, but every time we go Cooper decides he wants to eat. So one of us ends up missing half the service to feed little Coop.

We keep falling more and more in love with Cooper every day. We have taken a thousand different pictures of him. We have chosen some of our favorite pics to share with you. Click here to see our most recent editions.