Welcome Cooper!

Welcome Cooper Brandon Foley!  Cooper entered the world today at 3:28 am on his mom’s birthday (and right on his due date)!  Cooper is 7 lbs 8.6 oz and 20 inches long. We have posted pictures of Cooper and his family right after his birth on our photos page.

Susanne and I spent most of the day yesterday without realizing that she was going into labor.  We slept in and then went for an hour and a half walk.  Then we came home, made a nice breakfast, and cleaned the condo a little bit.  Susanne was feeling some contractions throughout the day but we didn’t know if it was false labor or the real thing.  We went for another, shorter walk in the evening and then the contractions started getting slightly stronger – we still weren’t sure if it was real labor yet.

Susanne’s parents gave her a gift card to Macaroni Grill for her birthday, so we ordered some curbside to go pasta and ate it at home.  She couldn’t finish eating before the contractions got too strong for her to want to eat.  Shortly after dinner, we decided we should start charting the contractions only to find out that Susanne was having contractions every 5 minutes around 8pm.  We called our parents and our doula, Jen, and before you knew it Susanne was having contractions every 2-3 minutes so we decided to head to the hospital.  When we arrived at the hopsital at 11:30pm, Susanne was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced.  By 2am Susanne was fully dilated and starting to push.  The pushing did not last too long – an hour and a half. So Cooper was born at 3:28am over Texas soil (in a baggie under the bed – sent from my mom – yes, Cooper is as close as you can get to a native Texan!).

Mom, Dad, and baby are doing well. We expect to stay at the hospital until Wednesday when we will head home to start our new life as a family of three. We cannot wait to show off our cute little bundle of joy. He has a full head of hair and could not be any cuter!

30 Comments on “Welcome Cooper!”

  1. Adam says:

    Alright! Good looking boy you have there. Glad everyone is well. Congratulations!

  2. Mikey says:

    Hooray! I meant to ask you last week how much longer until he came. I’m excited to get to meet the little guy sometime soon. We’ll be praying for your new life with a little one. I can’t wait until I get a chance to corrupt him and ruin all you have been doing for him as parents!

  3. Erin Donovan says:

    Life as you know it has forever changed. You are parents! What an awesome blessing! He is handsome as ever. We can’t wait to meet him.

  4. Congratulations, we can’t wait to meet the new addition!

  5. congrats guys!! hes adorable. thank you for sharing your special moment with us. we can not wait to meet him.

  6. Ulrich, Jeanne, and Juli says:

    Congratulations! I think he looks just like his mom.

  7. Colleen Smith says:

    Woweee! He’s handsome, what a beautiful Foley family! I cannot wait to meet him! Congratulations!

  8. Ryan Hill says:

    CONGRATS!! What a beautiful little boy. What a lucky youngster he is to have you two as parents. I predict he is going to be one cool and easy-going dude!

  9. Daniel Rizza says:

    Way to go guys! Congratulations.

  10. Josh Gardner says:

    Congratulations, you two!

  11. John and Lee Ann says:

    Happy Birthday to Suzanne and Cooper! Congratulations to all. We cannot wait to see/hold your new blessing.

  12. Lola says:

    Hey you guys,

    Happy Birthday Susanne and Cooper and congratulations to Fifofer and Susanne.

    Hope that dirt has some Texas crude in it to bring him good fortune ……

    So very glad for you both and hope to see you soon.
    Love to all three of you,

  13. Jill says:

    He’s absolutely beautiful…what a lucky little guy and what an amazing blessing! And Susanne…nobody has a right to look that gorgeous right after giving birth! What a beautiful family you make! Glad to hear everyone’s doing great and can’t wait to meet Cooper when I’m back in town.

  14. Ramon says:

    Hey You Three!!

    Alright! Congratulations! Good looking boy you have there – plenty of Susanne’s genes. Happy to hear everyone is doing well – especially you Chris. Now that the “Baby Classes” are all done, we expect to see all three of you Wednesday nights!! ;-D

  15. Lyle says:

    I think he needs a wet willie. What do you think chris? LOL!

    Congrats you two! I mean three.


  16. Kellie Sibley says:

    WOW… I am so happy for yall and just thrilled that he could be born on Texas soil! Susanne- you look AMAZING (and so does Chris)! I can’t wait to meet Cooper!

  17. Janel Miller says:

    Sooo…it seems that God listens to the prayer of Susanne’s women’s Bible study…Anyone else have an impossible request for us? We accept donations for answered prayer. (But the Foley’s are free, this time.)

  18. Becca & Corey says:

    Congratualtions! and happy birthday Susie-Q! I am so excited for you guys. He is gorgeous…give him big kiss for us. After Melissa has her baby we will make a big baby trip to Baltimore. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  19. Matt and Andrea Lautzenheiser says:

    God is faithful, Amen!! This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!! Psalm 118:24-I cannot tell you how happy I have been all day!! This is so awesome and Cooper is so blessed to have you two as parents. God bless, and Praise God!

    the L’S 🙂

  20. Patrick says:

    Congratulations! He certainly looks more like a Cooper than an Carlos!

  21. Randi Walters says:


    Thank you so much for remembering to include me on your distribution list. Congratulations!! Your family is so beautiful. I wish you much love and happiness with Cooper. He is adorable. Stop by when you get back to work so I can hear all about him.

  22. Brian Donovan says:

    Congrats! I love the Texas soil part of it all – a future Aggie perhaps??? Gig ’em Chris!!!

  23. Aileen Stauffer says:

    Hey there Foley family! I am so happy for you and the boy is just beautiful! I really like the name Cooper also. What a surprise and here on your birthday Susanne…how happy you must be. Enjoy him…I hope to meet him. Take care. Aileen

  24. Debby Moulding says:

    Susanne, congratulations! I’m so glad everything went so well and that all are fine. The picture looks great, and I am sure you have many exciting days ahead when you get home.

  25. Kim Vicchio says:

    Susanne, It sounds like you have hit the jackpot….a beautiful baby and an enlightened husband and father who sets up this website on the same day he comes a father. I think he is over the moon. I love Cooper’s name. Hoefully, he will be as handsome and intelligent as Cooper Anderson!. GOd bless you all!

    I couldn’t see where to go for photos!

  26. Kim Vicchio says:

    Duh! That would be on the “photo” tab above! Sorry

  27. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on the new baby, Younger! Glad to see you are doing well. I have to agree with the others above – Susanne, you look AMAZING (and NOT like you just had a baby!!) Congrats again and enjoy that little guy!

  28. Colleen Kardos says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful son! Susanne, you look perfectly beautiful–not like you just delivered a baby. And what a gorgeous family portrait! I am just thrilled for you and Chris. Can’t wait to see little Cooper. Bless you all. Much love, Colleen

  29. Pete says:

    Congrats! Cute little boy – have fun!

  30. Tom and Linda Gaylord says:

    Wow!! Tom and I are thrilled for you guys! What a cute little guy you’ve created. I’ll bet Margie and Ken are beside themselves. Sorry for the delayed response, but we’ve just gotten our power back (and consequently, the internet) after Hurricane IKE! Sleep well when you can! Love, Tom and Linda